10 activities to complete in the Lake District on a cloudy day

Every cloud has a silver covering, as they say, and nowhere could this be more true than in the Lake District. Of course, without a little rain every now and then, we would n’t have the lovely lakes. And the reason the area is well-prepared yet for rainy weather time is because we have our good share of rain. Even though the conditions may make outdoors activities less enjoyable, there are still plenty of enjoyable activities to engage in when it rains. Next time you’re in Cumbria and the Lake District on a cloudy morning, keep reading for some inspiration and ideas!
With a workshop in shampoo making at Pure Lakes in Far Sawrey, indulge your emotions and let your imagination run wild. Learn the art of creating beautiful, all-natural soaps from a variety of essential oils under the professional guidance of artisan soap makers. Choose your own scents and take home a memento of your time in the Lake District by handcrafting your very own soap, which will bring you medical joy.
A hands-on home chocolate-making factory at The Chocolate Factory in Hawkshead will satisfy your palate. Learn the techniques for making delicious desserts from damage and enter a world of beauty. Unlock your internal chocolatier and make wonderful treats to like or share with loved ones, whether it’s softening chocolate or making complex designs.
Discover some of the 2, 000-year-old skills that were first developed by the ancient Rome by firsthand and up near the extreme temperatures needed to turn dust into glasses. You may operate one-on-one with a glassblower during the Cumbria Crystal “blow your own ornament” experience, who will guide and assist you at every stage of the creation of your very own multicolored crystal ornament. Working with glasses at 1200 degree Celsius is a really special and educational experience.
A Cliffhanger Rooms escape place problem will put your brains and teamwork skills to the test. Select from a variety of themed bedrooms, each of which is brimming with mysteries, hints, and secrets that are just waiting to be revealed. Your team must work with a variety of objects, codes, and buried hints to help you complete your objective in time as you race against the clock to solve mysteries and plan your escape from captivity. This is an interactive challenge.
Not only is the film at Rheged unique in its gorgeous setting, but it also offers a distinctive movie-watching experience. Rheged’s film transports viewers into the heart of the story using cutting-edge technology like high-definition screens and engaging audio systems. Additionally, its lineup features a wide range of movies, from popular movies to thought-provoking documentaries. If that’s not enough, Rheged even puts on area checks, film festivals, and special events.
You can try your hand at a variety of arts and crafts actions at Cowshed Creative, which is close to Staveley. weave with holly to create intricate garden designs, or learn the power of gold clay in a fascinating jewelry store. There are many workshops to choose from, so you can make your own unique earrings and pendants or discover the delicate art of contemporary lettering to add a personalized touch to your communications.
Learn about the complex extraction procedure at this former Cumbria Tourism Experience of the Year winner, from choosing botanicals to balancing flavors as you create your own unique filtered spirit. Create a personalized soul that reflects your tastes and preferences by experimenting with distinctive flavor combinations with the help of state-of-the-art Shed One Factory equipment and an array of premium ingredients.
Visit the café at Low Sizergh Barn, which is located just outside of Kendal, for things a little bit unique. Check out the milk occasions, and if you plan ahead, you might be enjoying delectable treats while admiring the cattle being milked from a viewing platform high above. This is a fun experience, especially if you have younger people in tow, whether it’s for peaceful night coffee or quiet evening drink!
With a diverse selection of seminars at The Maker’s Mill in Keswick, you can unleash your creative side. Discover the age-old craft of stained glass, create your own distinctive farmer case, explore the complex world of linocut print, or use a plant container and macramé plant hanger workshop to take nature indoors. These are just a few of the things you can do, in addition to mastering the skill of painting mountains in exquisite detail or letting loose with your inner potter by throwing sand on the vehicle.
Even though it’s raining outside, you can also enjoy the outdoors! Put on your durable products, face the rain, and take a fresh look at the Lake District. Rain can enhance the lush vegetation and produce breathtaking cascading waterfalls, giving the environment a mysterious allure. You can see the Lake District in all of its raw, unfiltered charm by embracing the weather, but keep in mind to prioritize health and be aware of changing weather conditions.
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