10 brand-new accommodations, sights, and theme park rides in the Golden State in California in 2024

Tourists pause to take in the breathtaking Yosemite Valley from the Tunnel View vantage point of the regional park. ( Getty Images ) A new year brings a variety of novelties, including hotels, theme parks, and new travel experiences. Below are 10 amazing events that will take place in California in 2024.
A beach spot in Palm Springs
Surfing in the desert is made possible by the novel Palm Springs Surf Club’s wave pool. We’re not discussing digital real sometimes, Courtesy Ridge BenBen. Up to a few surfers can use the wave pool at the brand-new Palm Springs Surf Club, which debuts on New Year’s Day, to create waves that are two to seven feet high.
It’s not quite as crazy as it seems to be in the middle of a plain with sea. In Florida, Texas, New Jersey, and other places, there are now paddle storm pools. Up until this point, California only had one wave pool specifically created for surfers: Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch in Lemoore, north of Fresno, which provides a very limited clientele with World Surf League-certified aggressive waves. According to Surfer.com, you’ll have” a private invite,” or” a great bag.”
For the rest of us humans who enjoy liquid activities, joy wounds, and create beverages in upscale settings, there is the Palm Springs Surf Club. The new 21-acre PSSC complex, which was constructed on an old water park property, has a lazy river, relaxing pools, two restaurants—Amala and the more relaxed, pool Drifters—as well as an island bar. Reservations for intermediate and advanced surfing sessions ($ 150–$ 200, plus the$ 20 club admission fee ) quickly ran out in January, but dates for February and March should soon be available online. Liquid presentations and beginner surf classes will also be available soon. Learn more information at https ://palmspringssurfclub.com.
With two to seven foot high engineered waves, the novel Palm Springs Surf Club pool is made for surfers. ( Courtesy Dakota Mullins ) Yosemite is empty.
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Why did the aircraft decide to use this annoying holiday traffic? Will they do it once more?


Passengers ‘ numbers spit at San Jose Airport


a weekend place for vacation in Sausalito


Plea offer reached in the massive holiday rental fraud in Capitola

Or at the very least, a quieter Yosemite. Yosemite National Park is reintroducing the pandemic-era ticket structure it dropped in 2023 after a summer of traffic jams and group conflict. The good news is that there wo n’t be a 4-hour wait at the park entrance to see those enormous sequoias, rushing waterfalls and lush valleys. You’ll need to make advance plans in order to grab a ticket.
You must make reservations for the weekends this spring ( April 13 to June 30 ), the late summer/autumn ( August 16 to October 27 ), and the daily from July 1 to August 15 if you plan to drive to Yosemite. The El Capitan river, which glows in the winter sunset, is February’s “firefall,” and the same is true for anyone visiting the park to see it. On the weekends of February 10–12, February 17–19, and February 24–26, doubts may be necessary. Information: website. nanoparticles. gov/yose/
Falls of Yosemite. Want to eat at the Ahwahnee ( Yosemite National Park/National Park Service )? For 11 times of geological improvements, the storied hotel restaurant closed next January. To the chagrin of social media users who believed a buffet, yet one serving prime rib, was far too déclassé for such an iconic institution, it reopened on December 14 and began serving self-serve buffet. Do not be alarmed; it is only momentary. As soon as the home inspection are finished, table service will continue this spring or summer. Information: website. www.travelyosemite .com
Outside the garden, where can I find lodging? The brand-new Wildhaven Yosemite Glamping in Mariposa has started accepting reservations for its rustic-chill cabins ($ 229 ), comfortable beds, heating, electricity, and Wi-Fi ($ 149 and up ). The national park is 45 minutes away from Wildhaven, which also has a station business and social lounge areas. Information: website. www.wildhavenyosemite .com
New Tahoe construction
Tequila and exotic beach breaks are n’t typically associated with the Sierra Nevada, but if you’re still looking for that elusive salt shaker, may we recommend South Lake Tahoe?
In the middle of December, Margaritaville Resort Lake Tahoe, the generosity network modeled after Jimmy Buffett’s songs and life, opened its first skiing destination resort. This was just in time for the height of skiing season at Heavenly. The original Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is being relaunched for$ 70 million close to the state line. With its 399 apartments decorated in beachy accents and fragments of music, from” Stayed these all season” to” Alterations in latitude,” adorning artwork and pillows, the resort aims to channel island vibes despite wintry chill. A Certificate to Chill bar and a LandShark Bar &amp, Grill are two of the hotel’s five dining choices. At these locations, you can get cheeseburgers ( in heaven, of course ) as well as shellfish, sandwiches, and sandwiches.
Jimmy Buffett’s songs and life served as the inspiration for Margaritaville Resorts, a kindness chain that recently debuted its primary ski destination resort at Lake Tahoe. ( Margaritaville Resorts ) The Tahoe Blue Event Center, which opened in September just across the Nevada state line, is close by the Heavenly Gondola as well as the games and performances there. Throughout May, the Margaritaville location is providing space discounts, resort fee credits, free cocktails, and other benefits. Information: website. www.margaritavilleresorts .com
Beachfront trips in New Beach
This year, the Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk may have a great 1- 0 celebration with lots of fanfare. The enormous wooden roller coaster, a National Historic Landmark, was created in 1924 by Arthur Looff, who had an idea for the” combination disaster, balloon ascent, and airplane drop” trip. Since then, about 66 million visitors have taken that swooping, plunging, shaking drive, shrieking with delight the entire time.
However, there will be two more reasons to travel this summer.
The Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz, California, shore seafront. Two new excursions, including the 65-foot Dream Wheel, may be unveiled at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. A Ferris wheel with 15 chairlifts that can each carry four adults or six children, it offers breathtaking views and family-friendly enjoyment. It’s a new take on an old boardwalk vintage.
The Rush thrill ride may be available in late spring or early summer if you prefer your fun in a higher octane style. Its hard processing and information of” 360 levels of adrenaline-packed excitement” lead us to believe that it is a spinning, up-and-down ride intended for people with stronger stomachs than ours. ( We’ll be content to observe from the sidelines while sipping funnel cake, though. ) Information is available at https ://beachboardwalk .com/.
AutoCamp Sequoia
AutoCamp, the chic Airstream-style glampground that got its start in Santa Barbara ten years ago, has since grown to nine places across the nation, each grouped close to a well-liked location. AutoCamp combines trailer camping with a posh hotel with its stylish trailers, upscale popular areas, wine tasting rooms, and exclusive event spaces. The Russian River, Yosemite, and Joshua Tree are among the locations listed, along with this summer’s AutoCamp Sequoia, which is located just outside of Kings Canyon National Park. Information: https ://autocamp.com
The new river ride at Disneyland
Goodbye, Splash Mountain. The newest attraction at Disneyland, Tara’s Bayou Adventure, is scheduled to debut in later 2024. It will feature a new section in the” Princess and the Frog” story as well as log pipe rides, musical song, and Mardi Gras feelings. Look for restaurant with Princess Tiana-themed menus, such as the newly opened Princess’s Palace in September, which offers a New Orleans-inspired selection of gumbos and po-boys as well as fritters.
In Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which will be released at Disneyland and Walt Disney World in 2024, an actor putting of Mama Odie making jokes with the users. ( Artist Concept/Disneyland Resort ) And a number of new eateries, including Michelin-starred chef Carlos Gaytán’s Mexican-inspired Paseo and Céntrico, as well as soup-dumpling cult favorite Din Tai Fung, are headed for the theme park in the Downtown Disney area this year. Papers that are related
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Why did the aircraft decide to make this annoying holiday customers choice? Did they repeat the action?


Passengers at San Jose Airport splutter


a weekend stay for the holidays in Sausalito


Plea offer reached in the massive holiday rental fraud in Capitola

Everything Pixar
The 15-story Paradise Pier Hotel in Disney California Adventure Park may resume as the Pixar Place Hotel on January 30. Expect a huge variation of Pixar’s iconic humanoid desk lamp, as well as shouts from the movie and characters. Little Bytes is the name of the rooftop pool and breakfast table. Additionally, the Great Maple restaurant at the hotel is now available.
Consider Fried Chicken and Maple-Bacon Doughnuts, Pancake” Pops,” and BLTs in traditional and healthier forms at the well-known SoCal restaurant, which has locations in San Diego, Pasadena, and Newport Beach. Those Pancake” Pops” ($ 21 ), by the way, are billed as Great Maple’s take on Pigs in a Blanket ( we think they’re more like petite corn dogs but whatever ), with the pigs played by breakfast sausages, wrapped in blankets made of pancake batter, and served on sticks with maple syrup and salted caramel for dipping.
A fresh” Better Up: A Pixar Pals Celebration” did return in April, adding to the Ember, Nemo, and Jack-Jack action! rally at Disneyland Park and a new” Up Forever- A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular” at Disney California Adventure Park. Specifics: https ://disneyland.Disney.go.com/hotels
Dino- the property
If you have children, you are aware that while they may not be able to tie their own sneakers, they are capable of arguing persuasively about the differences between allosauruses and pterosaurs. Therefore, when Dino Valley, Legoland California’s new dinosaur-themed place, opens this flower, you might want to consider that pint-sized geologist there. A Dino Dig platform, a build-and-play area, and an Explorer River Quest ship journey that sails past T-Rex and another Lego-saurs will all be available in Dino Valley. Children who are interested in learning more about big carnosaurian tyrannosaurs from the later Jurassic will also be able to do so.
Conceptual representation of the Dino Valley-themed area that will arrive in Legoland, California, in 2024. ( Legoland ) This summer, the Carlsbad theme park will celebrate North America’s first Lego World Parade with spectacular floats, including firetrucks in the Lego City and pirate ships, as well as creatures based on Ninjago and other Lego lines. Information: website. California’s legoland.com
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