10 Wonderful things to do with children in Palm Springs

Palm Springs ‘ plain environment and climate beckoned us for a multigenerational learning experience, and it did not disappoint. Table of Contents
showWhen traveling with a home, we select locations with educational options for the children. By visiting locations with different learning opportunities, we may take advantage of off- top vacation and never feeling guilty about missing a few days of school. Greater Palm Springs is the ideal off-shoot location to discover by taking in its natural desert culture, traditions, mid-century modern architecture, and joy with a well-earned dose of rest and relaxation. It is located two hours from Los Angeles. We visited but some wonderful sites. Activities in Greater Palm Springs are simple to find, keeping youthful scholars interested in the rich options of the city. Greater Palm Springs is located in the Coachella Valley on the Colorado Dessert and the region encompasses nine various places: Palm Springs, Indio, Desert Hot Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, La Quinta and Coachella. We thought our four-night keep gave us a fantastic flavor of the Palm Springs area’s offerings, so we would suggest you spend at least seven nights there. With direct flights available from several areas, Palm Springs is an easy target to reach and best place to start or to stop a Southern California experience. We were surprised to discover snow-capped hills when we arrived at the Palm Springs Airport. The San Jancinto peaks are 10, 834 feet in elevation. One of the few places in the wintertime where you can ski and play golf on the same day is at this site. Subscribe to become alerted to the next article as soon as it’s published. We take great care to produce helpful articles with useful advice. Search for lodging somewhere by using Booking. Any profits earned from booking a sightseeing trip with Viator or a trip with Expedia will help maintain this site running. 10 best things to do with children in Palm SpringsGreater Palm Springs kept the kids engaged and interested with the wide range of things to do to. They were joyfully worn out by the week ending when we started earlier every day. The adults yet managed to sneak in a well deserved comfortable in- place resort spa treatments for some little needed R&amp, R. 1. The world’s largest fan palm oasis, Ram Palm Canyon It is the largest California fan palm oasis in the world. The family enjoyed the oasis greatly, and they were eager to explore it. Knowledgeable park rangers provided a deeper understanding of the paradise stretched out before us. The ancestral lands of the Cahuilla people, who have lived there for thousands of years, are located in Indian Canyons near the Agua Calliente Band. The California fan palm is in bloom from February to June and produces palm fruit from June through November. The tiny, sweet, and dark purple fruit served as a valuable food source for the Cahuilla. The Indigenous people utilized everything they could from the fan palm. The fruit can be consumed either raw or dried. The seed was ground with flour to make a meal and used in gourd rattles. They created shelters called kish, which are made of palm fronds and leafstalks as well as a myriad of other items, including clothing, baskets, bows, mats, ropes, and more. Indian Canyons is a 16 minute drive from Downtown Palm Springs at 38520 S. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Canyon is the largest fan palm oasis in the world. The largest fan palm oasis in the world, Palm Canyon, is represented by Wendy Nordvik’s Carr Trail Trail. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr©Palm Canyon Cahuilla shelter called a kish made from palm fronds and leafstalks. Carr2 by Wendy Nordvik Experience date culture with a famous Sheilds Date ShakeDelicious date shakes have been a signature item in the Palm Springs area since the 1930s. We had to stop at Shields Date Garden in Indio when we learned about Sheilds Date Shake. Sheilds consistently wins accolades for the best date shakes and have been selling dates since 1924. Floyd Sheilds experimented with 17 different dates varieties during this time and created his own hybrids. Sheilds claims all other shakes are fakes. Ice cream is used to make the thick, rich, and creamy shakes, which were combined with Sheilds ‘ invented Date Crystals®. Date Crystals® are not actually crystals. They are chopped up dates in the size of oatmeal and took 17 months for him to perfect. The impressive range of items for sale of everything date related in the store made us wish we had more room in our luggage. Since our return, we have purchased products from the online store. The Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert is the highest producer of dates in the United States. California produced 59,450 tons of dates in 2021. We found out that date palms are not native to the Palm Springs area and original imported from North Africa and the Middle East. This region has the ideal growing conditions for Date Palms because it requires a warm, dry climate to grow and adapt well to severe drought. Dates are an important food crop and have been grown for more than 6, 000 years. Watch the well-known film” Romance and Sex Life of the Date” in the theater to learn more about growing dates. While visiting, make sure to take a walk in Sheilds ‘ 17- acre date grove and botanical garden. It was closed when we arrived because of the strong winds. The pathway through the gardens winds past 14 biblical scenes and with 23 statues that follows Christ’s life. For Canadians who are from British Columbia, the story behind how these gardens came to be is quite intriguing. In 2011, the former premier of British Columbia, Bill Vanderzalm and his wife Lillian were looking for a home to relocate their biblical statues in Palm Springs after the sale of their Richmond, BC, Fantasy Gardens. The Sheilds were interested when the Vanderzalms got in touch with them. Garden construction began and by the end of October 2013 it opened. One of the best places to get a date shake is Deserts Date Garden Shakes in Indio near Palm Springs. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr©Shields Date Garden Shakes in Indio near Palm Springs is one of the best places for date shakes. Wendy Nordvik- Carr3. Fly like a top gun at Palm Springs Air museumThe Palm Springs Air Museum covers history, science and technology all rolled into one, inside and outside the five climate- controlled hangars. One of the largest collections of vintage aircraft in the world is known to the museum. It has more than 70 aircrafts from World War II through Korea and Vietnam wars. The role of aviation in global conflict is illustrated by rural and informational signs. The kids were super interested in finding out more about the history as they had already been exposed to oral history from their great- grandmother ( GG ) who worked in a British munitions factory during World War II. Their GG also shared tales of their great-grandparent, a member of the Norwegian Resistance, Milorg, a later referred to as the Linge Company, a member of the Norwegian Independent Company, who worked with British Special Operations. Honoring the service of brave soldiers and learning about the conflicts of war at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Melanie Lomond congratulates the brave soldiers who fought in the war and provides information on the Palm Springs Air Museum’s wartime experiences. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr© We were excited to see the world’s first operational stealth aircraft, the F- 117 Nighthawk. The enemy radar has developed a supersonic jet plane that is so unflinching. Lockheed Martin built 59 operational F- 117 Nighthawks fighter planes between 1981 and 2008. Up until 1988, the general public was unaware of their existence. The black coloring made these planes harder to see against night skies. In Operation Desert Storm, some of these aircraft were used. The museum has ongoing children’s programs and activities and the youth education center is being expanded. The flight simulator adds a fun hands-on dimension upstairs in the library. For a thrill of a lifetime, anyone age 13 and over can book a scenic WarBird flight over the Coachella Valley in a restored World War 11 aircraft. The museum is a superb example of Mid-Century Modern architecture. The Palm Springs Air Museum is located in a at 745 North Gene Autry Trail. Palm Springs. A flight simulator at the Palm Springs Air Museum let’s you fly like a Top Gun pilot. At the Palm Springs Air Museum, Wendy Nordvik poses as the Carr-F-117 Nighthawk. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr©4. We had a feeding giraffe at the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, which had more than 600 animals and 52 gardens than we could have anticipated. It was especially valuable to learn about the conservation efforts locally and globally to support endangered species. It was a chance to see deserts from all over the world in one location. The kids were thrilled to get up close to and feed a giraffe, see the black rhinos, antelopes, camels and, of all things, they absolutely adored the naked mole rat! They enjoyed giving the goats a brush and pampering them at the petting zoo. We were surprised to find out the giraffe population is on a steady decline and the Living Desert is working with other partners to address the situation. On STEAM Career Day, we had the opportunity to stop by to learn more about animal care, conservation, engineering, water supply in the desert, health care, and information technology. Feeding the Giraffe at the Living Desert Zoo is an unforgettable experience. Carr 5 by Wendy Nordvik Venture through slot canyons on a Red Jeep Adventure TourRed Jeep San Andreas Bones of the Earth Tour was perfect tour for our family group of four. The kids were eager to explore the desert because they are genuine geologists and scientists who are interested in how the earth evolved. We ca n’t say enough about this tour and highly recommend it. Highlights of the three-hour tour, which is led by a knowledgeable naturalist guide, include navigating difficult turns and turns while traversing several slot canyons.
Learning about the Indigenous history and culture of Cahuilla people.
Finding out about the San Andreas Fault Zone, one of the world’s most active faults ,’s seismology in the California desert.
Hiking through a natural palm oasis where crystal- clear water bubbles up throughout the year.
learning about the local fauna and flora.
Of course, riding around on the back of a Jeep!
Our guide Tom, who provided the tour’s three hours of engaging, educational, and entertaining stories, cannot be than than than praised. Read more details about our adventure coming soon. Exploring the slot canyons of Palm Springs while on a Red Jeep Adventure. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr©Learning about the Indigenous history and culture of Cahuilla people. Our Red Jeep Adventures naturalist guide, Wendy Nordvik, discusses geology and how the earth evolved. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr©The natural palm oasis area on a Red Jeep Adventure Tour in Palm Springs, California. Wendy Nordvik- Carr6 in photo. Moorten Botanical Garden and CactariumMoorten Botanical Garden presents a huge array of cacti, desert trees and other species are displayed by geographic area. Follow the natural trail through the world’s largest collection of over 3, 000 different desert plants at Moorten Botanical Garden. The greenhouse ( cactarium ) is filled with all types of rare cactus. Due to their love of desert plants and succulents, Chester” Cactus Slim” Moorten and his wife Patrica, a biologist, decided to start this privately owned one-acre garden almost 90 years ago. Discover more about the desert flora with an in depth guided tour. Allow at least an hour for the visit. The garden is closed on Wednesdays. The extensive collection of desert plants at 1701 S Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs is a must-see at Palm Springs’Moorten Botanical Gardens. The extensive collection of desert plants at the Palm Springs Botanical Gardens by Wendy Nordvik is a must-see. The extensive collection of desert plants at the Palm Springs Botanical Gardens by Wendy Nordvik is a must-see. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr©Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium has a fantastic display of cacti. Photo: Melanie7. Ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, the world’s largest rotating tram carThe Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is one of three rotating aerial trams in the world. It slowly rotates on the 8 foot, 516 foot elevation hike up 8 minutes, 2.5 miles, and back. Expect spectacular views along the way of Chino Canyon before disembarking at Mt. San Jacinto State Park During the winter months expect snow at the top. Wear closed-toed footwear and warm clothing. We did n’t have a chance to experience the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway due to storm related road closures. It will be on our to-do list for the upcoming year. 8. Enjoy Palm Springs ‘ vibrant arts and culture Downtown Palm Springs In the 50s and 60s iconic Hollywood celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bob Hope, Bill Crosby, Marilyn Munro, Elvis Presley, Debbie Reynolds, Desi Arnaz ( better known for the character he played, Ricky Riccardo ) and Lucille Ball flocked to the area that is a short two hour drive from Hollywood studios. The wealthy and famous had a time of glamor and extravagance. Neighborhoods close to the downtown core became like the Beverly Hills of Los Angeles. Famous people helped to open golf courses, restaurants, hotels, and stage live dinner shows with names like Bob Hope and Desi Arnaz. Since 1992, Palm Springs Walk of the Stars honors more than 467 well- loved celebrities in Downtown and around Palm Springs. Public Art Installations Marilyn Munro statue statue stands 26 feet tall and overlooks Downtown Palm Springs. It is one of 100 outdoor exhibits in the Greater Palm Springs area. Downtown Palm Springs ‘ iconic Marilyn Munro statue. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr©Brandini Toffee sells hand- crafted toffee, and its the best we have tasted. Not to be missed is the sweet combination of chocolate and almonds, whirled together with handcrafted toffee, and topped with ice cream. Explore Downtown Palms Springs and the popular shops and restaurants. Instagramable moments in Downtown Palm Springs, courtesy of Wendy Nordvik. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr©9. The oldest wind farms in California are located at San Gorgonio Pass. These 3, 000 plus giant wind turbines provide Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley with energy. This area has one of the largest wind farms in the United States, and you guessed it, it is consistently windy. Wind farm tours are available. 10. Where to eat for culinary adventures J’s DeliJ’s Deli serves breakfast, lunch and dinner showcasing eastern European heritage. This busy, large deli has a great kids ‘ menu and is family-friendly. Owner Jay Rubenstein and and his wife Vanessa can be seen busily engaging with their diners. The best bagels west of New York City are served at the restaurant, which serves Jewish/American cuisine. Everything is made fresh each morning. Their pickled pickles and bagel chips are addictive. We tried: Ruebinski Fries – Pastrami and Corned Beef, topped with melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing.
On grilled double-baked rye bread, the Ruebinski – New York black pastrami and corned beef with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut.
The Deli Melt – Choice of any of New York pastrami, corned beef, fresh roasted turkey or roast beef with avocado, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on grilled Parmesan crusted sourdough bread.
Nova lox ( cold smoked salmon )
J’s Deli is located at 74225 Highway 111, Palm Desert. J’s Deli serves up enormous portions of delicious food. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr© J’s Deli serves up huge flavorful portions of delicious food. The charming owners of J’s Deli, Jay Rubenstein and his wife Vanessa, Wendy Nordvik-Carr. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr©Grand Central Palm SpringsGrand Central Palm Springs is one of the best places for brunch in Greater Palm Springs and also serves lunch and dinner. Described as a coffee culture with influences from Melbourne, Australia, Dublin, Ireland, and Auckland, New Zealand. Housed in the historic space of the 1936 Desmond’s Department store, the restaurant provides a casual funky atmosphere for fine dining. In the heart of Downtown Palm Springs, at 160 La Plaza, it’s a great family-friendly eatery with unique offerings and a fantastic kid’s menu. All sandwiches came with a choice of house made chips, salad or fruit. We tried the 1000 island dressing, sauerkraut, and turkey Reuben on marble rye.
Pesto Chicken Milanese – Chicken Milanese, jack cheese, pesto, arugula, tomato, onion, bacon on sourdough.
On sourdough, grilled cheese is swiss and cheddar, tomatoes, caramelized onions, and smoked cheese.
Mimosa Flight – 3 flutes of Prosecco with a choice of juices, Mango, guava, blood orange, peach, orange, cranberry.
The Grand Central kids ‘ menu has a fantastic selection. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr©Mimosa time at Grand Central in Palm Springs. One of the best places in Palm Springs for brunch is Grand Central, Melanie Carr. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr©Cork &amp, ForkCork and Fork is an American style casual fine dining experience serving up small plates and tapas with big flavor that is easy to mix match and share. The restaurant uses the best organic, sustainably grown ingredients. Starting as a cooking school, award winning Executive Chef and owner, Andie Hubka, transformed it into the locally popular Cork &amp, Fork. Local Date Plate consists of aged blue cheese, toast almonds, and olive oil.
Tequilla Lime Shrimp Tacos – bacon, roasted tomato, chipotle lime aioli, mico cilantro
Brussels sprouts, baby kale, pink lady apples, gorgonzola, candied pecans, and white balsamic dressing are all on the farmers ‘ market salad.
Nono Pizza – smoked mozzarella, red sauce, rosemary, sausage, shallots, balsamic drizzle
La Quinta’s Cork & Forks are located at 47875 Caleo Bay Drive, which is where The Cork & Forks are. The Cork &amp, Fork serves up small plates and tapas with big flavor. There are more than 2, 500 different types of palm trees recorded around the world.
The fan palm is only native to the California desert.
Depending on the type of palm, there are many applications for exotic fruits like dates, coconuts, acai, and vegetable oils ( heart of palm ), cooking oils, palm oil for biodiesel fuel, health benefits, building materials, baskets, tools, landscaping, and more. Learn everything scientific about palm trees.
One of the most active faults in the world, the Andreas Fault, slowly creeps 5 to 7 centimeters every year.
Largest rotating aerial tram in the world.
One of the largest areas of wind farms in the United States is San Gorgonio Pass.
In 2021, California produced 59, 450 tons of dates, the highest amount of any other area in the U. S.
Where can I find lodging in Greater Palm Springs? Indian Wells Resort HotelWe enjoyed the hotel’s retro feel. From the moment we arrived, we knew we had hit the perfect spot to experience the vintage culture of the old Hollywood atmosphere of the 50s and 60s. When we checked into the hotel in the evening, we were greeted with the sounds of a live performance in the lobby lounge. Everywhere we looked, celebrity portraits smiled back at us. The Indian Wells Resort was established in 1957 by Hollywood legends Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. Their pictures line the walls of the resort. The only 36-hole course in California, the Indian Wells Golf Resort, has been ranked number 11 by recent Conde Nast Travellers. Hotel rooms provide lots of space for families and in- room hotel spa treatments. Interestingly, the prices are very affordable. The hotel’s resort fee covers parking, breakfast for two people daily, transportation to and from the Indian Wells golf courses, wireless internet and complimentary nightly entertainment to Indian Wells Live for two. The fee was$ 47 at the time of our visit. Quality Massage &amp, Facials Mobile SpaWe took a well- deserved wellness break to recharge and welcomed the services of Quality Massage &amp, Facials Mobile Spa. It was exactly what we needed, and it’s the best choice for families with back-to-back services so that one adult can spend time with the children while the other is enjoying their time. We took turns swapping out to spend quality time at the pool with the kids. Our room had already been transformed into a calming spa-like atmosphere when we returned to the hotel from our Jeep Adventure Tour and lunch. We selected one of the Quality Massage &amp, Facials Mobile Spa most popular treatments, the Mobile Season of Beauty, which is 90 minutes or 2 hours of tranquility, which includes 2 or 3 treatments ( massage, facial and/or scrub ). Both of us had the massage and facial. We have had a lot of services over the years and found the highly skilled therapist one of the best. The renowned Indian Wells Resort Hotel is a prime example of Mid-Century Modern architecture. Photo: Wendy Nordvik- Carr© Inside the Indian Wells Resort Hotel founded by Hollywood legends Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Share this article with someone who enjoys discovering new places. Also, keep in mind to tag# VisitGreaterPS# FindYourOasis @VisitGreaterPSand #lifesincrediblejourney When visiting the California theme parks. Check out our visit to Buena Park – Best educational activities in Buena Park with kids and Top family- friendly places to eat in Buena ParkDiscover other incredible journeys for your next adventure. Visit Greater Palm Springs, which did not review or approve this story, had guests Wendy Nordvik-Carr and Melanie. Work with us: If you are a destination, PR agency or brand and would like us to review a travel destination, vehicle, restaurant, product or service, please send us an email [email protected]