13 Fun Things To Do With Kids In Finland

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If you’re looking for a family trip, Finland, the territory of enchanted forest, should be at the top of your list of places to visit.
You’ll return from your family vacation with thoughts your children will talk about for years to come because there are so many things to do in Finland with children.
There are many attractions and activities the entire family can enjoy in Rovaniemi, whether it’s a chance to show at the enchanted Northern Lights, investigate Santa Claus Village there, or go on an exhilarating hoarse safari.
If you’re not certain what to do in Finland with kids, allow these actions inspire you! In this guide, I share some of the memories I will always cherish from our family vacation in Lapland.
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Activities for Children in Finland 1. Visit Santa Claus in person. The Northern Lights3 Chase Getting Nearer To Reindeer4. Enjoy Your Time With Huskies5. the Moomin Museum6 is a must-see. The North Pole Post Office is located7. Continually Be A Unique Stay8. Visit Allas Sea Pool for a fall. Go to Korkeasaari Zoo10. Visit The Helsinki Christmas Market 11 to learn more. Skiing12 Come Cross- Nation Discover Kemi13’s The Snow Castle. Check out the Suomenlinna Sea FortressFinal Thoughts: Pin this to Pinterest!
Things To Do With Kids In Finland
1. Observe The True Santa Claus
arriving at the Santa Claus airports in Rovaniemi, Finland
The children adored going to Santa Claus in Finland!
After spending the day exploring Helsinki, we boarded a trip to Rovaniemi, the Estonian Lapland’s money. We had arrived at Santa’s Official Airport.
Naturally, since we were traveling with three kids under the age of 9, our initial stop in Rovaniemi had to be to see Santa Claus.
Although this may seem like an unexpected time to travel to Santa Claus, I truly believe it made our family trip even better. We traveled in Ruska, which is Finland’s Autumn. We not only avoided the crowds, but we also had a much more intimate experience.
We were either the sole home there or joined by one or two different people each day we visited Santa at the Santa Claus Village (yes, we did so more than once; in truth, on our first time, the kids wanted to go see him half ).
Given that more than 300,000 people come around each year, I think we hit the jackpot! All of our kids were able to talk to Santa for a considerable amount of time without feeling rushed or moved.
You can visit the elves ‘ factory at Santa Claus Village, meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus, find out about angel existence at Elf School, and take reindeer sleigh rides.
The entire family enjoyed spending time in Finland’s colorful Santa community. Things to Consider:
Santa can be seen for free, and there are also paid-for professional videos and pictures accessible.
Santa Claus Village is a place to stay. Cabins have a wonderful holiday atmosphere all year long thanks to Christmas trees. We even had a baths of our own.
Traveling during off-season indicates that some shops and eateries may be closed. At this time of year, Santa Park was likewise shut down.
2. Northern Lights Chase
Traveling to Finland is primarily about seeing the Northern Lights, but we also like to cook over campfires. The Northern Lights are among the best attractions in Finland. A variety of evening excursions and activities can be reserved at the Santa’s Village information office. We reserved all of our tour from these because we had a limited amount of time.
Even in the Autumn, nighttime temperatures can drop below 0 degree Fahrenheit. Fortunately, we were given full thermal suits for our journey, which kept everyone toasty.
The Northern Lamps can be seen on more than 150 times of the year and typically appear around mid-August through the beginning of April.
Unfortunately, it’s still a game of chance, and on our first evening, we did n’t see any lights. Nonetheless, we were able to cook sausages over an open fire and listen to our guides as they shared native legends and facts about the aurora borealis.
Fortunately, we had an extra night there and were fortunate enough to see these magnificent lighting on our next night.
Tours of the North Lighting:
Campfire-equipped bicycle vacation from Aurora Borealis
Learn more about the North Lighting Photography Tour.
Buffet on the Lapland Northern LightingTour
3. Find Nearer to the Reindeer
In Finland, feeding deer was another enjoyable task for the kids. A wide range of deer feeding routines are also available. At Sieriporo Safaris, we decide to visit one of the nearby deer fields.
You can go on a caribou sleigh ride during the spring at this family-run business.
We were able to meet the deer who typically pull the horse because there was no snow during our stay.
At the request of our manual, these gentle giants emerged from the nearby woods, and we were able to feed them by hand.
While doing so, our guide gave us a detailed account of his lengthy family background in the area and also showed us the sauna where he was born.
Take a look at this Lappish Village and deer wagon trip.
4. Enjoy Your Huskies
No matter what time of year, learning about gruff racing is still enjoyable to do in Finland. Labrador excursions are available and among the best things to do in Finland with children, regardless of the season you choose to travel there. Think again if you believe that your ride wo n’t be as thrilling because there is no snow.
Our group raced at frequencies that took our breath away while hooked up to the back of a triple vehicle.
At Huskypoint, we had the opportunity to interact with wonderful hoarse puppies and discover the team’s involvement in extreme sports.
Depending on the season, you can visit Finland for anything from a 10-minute joy drive to an epic 5-day hoarse safari. One of the features of our trip to Lapland was this, and the kids were giggling nonstop the entire time.
Take a look at this gruff knowledge.
5. 5. a trip to the Moomin Museum
Even though it’s likely that kids born after the 1990s wo n’t know who the Moomins are, the museum will still be interesting to them.
This charming museum, which is situated in Tampere, Finland, brings to life the well-known figures and tales written by Scandinavian artist Tove Jansson.
Children can see how the painting was made, discover the motivation behind the tales, and relive some of the most recognizable chapters in the books as you explore the funny universe of Moomin Valley.
Children all over the world adore the Moomin stories because of their encouraging messages of incorporation, acceptance, and friendship, in addition to the museum’s entertainment value.
Who knows, you might also inspire your child to start a new favourite series of books?
6. The North Pole Post Office is open.
The North Pole’s article business can be found in Rovaniemi, which is situated in the Arctic Circle.
Children of all ages can visit this famous post office in Santa Claus Village to experience Santa’s world and learn where he sends his words.
Imagine the happiness on their heads as they send letters to loved ones all over the world with Santa’s unique stamp!
7. Keep at a Special Place
Spend the night in a cup ice or give your children an unforgettable hotel stay.
Why are these special keeps only appropriate for lovers? Kids may adore them as well!
Additionally, you may be in an iglootel for a great experience or rent hut in Nuuksio National Park’s wilderness for quality time with your partner.
On Host Unusual.com, you can find a ton of cool and distinctive places to stay.
Do not desire to remain in an ice? Whatever the case, how about having dinner in an ice?
8. Visit Allas Sea Pool for a fall.
Step into the world of aquatic adventures at Helsinki’s Allas Sea Pool if you’re looking for family-friendly activities in Finland that do n’t involve skiing.
A variety of family-friendly outdoor activities are available at this radiant complex.
You can take a dip in the warm pool or let your kids play in their own special kids ‘ pool.
Standard Finnish saunas offer parents rest, while the thermal pool gives the experience a special touch.
Allas Sea Pool is the ideal location for an evening because of its breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea.
9…. Explore the park in Korkeasaari.
Your young pioneers did adore Helsinki’s Korkeasaari Zoo. This is the ideal location for bird lovers to explore as one of the oldest parks in the world and Finland’s oldest wildlife center.
There are more than 150 different animal species present, including raptors, Bactrian camels, and Bengali cats.
Another unique reason to visit is the area where the zoo is located. Visit the Korkeasaari Zoo, which is surrounded by the glistening waters of the Baltic Sea, to make special memories and to discover Helsinki’s waters.
10. Visit The Helsinki Christmas Market.
Do n’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Helsinki Christmas Market, which is situated in Senate Square outside Helsinki Cathedral, if you happen to be in the city over the holidays.
Admire the Lucia march and watch artists create their masterpieces right in front of your eyes as you stroll through the paradise of festive delights.
Visit one of the sipping houses and sample over a hundred stalls full of exquisitely crafted gifts and Christmas jewels while also taking in traditional Scandinavian sweets.
The Helsinki Christmas Market is a great place to spend happy times with your children in Finland thanks to its lively environment and family-friendly destinations.
11. Riding in the Cross Country
If you can handle the warm, think about taking your children to a ski destination in Finland.
As you glide along immaculate snow-covered trails, you may appreciate the beauty of Scandinavian nature. After spending the day on the slopes, unwind in a bath or children’s infrared pool.
You might also want to consider snowmobiling, a fun and exciting mode of transportation that is only available in some countries, with your kids if they are able to ride.
12. Check out The Snow Castle in Kemi.
One of Finland’s most distinctive locations is this alluring interest. Any member of your family, regardless of age, will be shocked to learn that the tower was built wholly of snow and ice.
View the complex snowwork, descend the pipe slide, and be in awe of the magnificent ice sculptures.
Consider staying at the castle for an unforgettable experience, where you can sleep in a warm snow room ( though this is n’t cheap ).
13. Check out Suomenlinna Sea Fortress.
Suomenlinna Sea Fortress is another place to visit while visiting Finland.
The entire family can enjoy a wide range of activities at this area stronghold and UNESCO World Heritage site.
Take guided tours of the interesting past, visit museums, and take in the harbor’s beautiful surroundings.
The boat ride itself is a unique experience that heightens the thrill of the trip.
Visit this page to take a journey of Helsinki and the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress.
Last Emotions
Our kids will talk about our trip to Finland for a very long time. This location has so much to provide in any season, and I think it would be wonderful at any time of year.
Because they have seen the real Santa at home, it has also extended those mysterious beliefs in our home just a little bit more.
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