16 Reliable Travel Mugs for Camping, Gym Runs, and Commuting

We at Refinery29 Australia are here to assist you in navigating this confusing earth. The editorial staff separately chooses and curates each product, but we may receive payment or other payment from the links on this site. The ideal travel mug ought to be associated with relaxingly watching the sun while sipping hot coffee. Instead, during furious morning commutes, the compact beverage holder is frequently the source of lukewarm liquid that seeps into our bags and drips down our hands. Finding a reusable to-go glass that really works requires some more dexterity than investing in one that is self-evident. For this reason, we searched the internet for the best travel glasses that will protect your favorite beverage while you’re on the go. Frank Green, Hydro Flask, S’well, and a few well-deserved underdog deserving of the traveling mug light were among those we selected from the best. These picks have undergone extensive testing to ensure everything from keeping water cold on the hottest hikes to keeping coffee popular during the longest commutes. Take a look at our eco-friendly list of top-rated mugs now, and bid farewell to your concerns about tepid spilling for good. Do you desire more? Find the best stories from Refinery29 Australia delivered to your queue each year. Register below! Start the Powerpoint