20 Times Amid Israel- Hamas Conflict: Knesset Christian Allies Caucus

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas overshadowed the 20th anniversary of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC ) on Tuesday. Religious leaders from all over the world attended the event, which was held at the Knesset in Jerusalem, including co-chairs MK Yuli Edelstein and Mk Sharren Haskel, as well as Yarden Gonen, who spoke on behalf of the people of Jewish captives and included her girl Romi Leshem. The occasion was solemn despite being a cause for celebration because it focused on the latest deaths of 21 Israeli soldiers in Gaza and the situation of the remaining 136 Hamas hostages. Interfaith prayer were part of the ceremony and focused on these urgent problems. With people from all political spectrum, the KCAC has expanded since its founding in 2004 into the largest and most significant conference in the Knesset. Relocating embassies to Jerusalem, advancing international learning about Israel, and eradicating antisemitism are just a few of its major accomplishments. At the gathering, Israeli officials emphasized the crucial importance of Holy support for Israel, particularly in light of the start of Israel-Has war on October7. They referred to Israel’s “diplomatic Iron Dome” and# 13 as this faith-based politics.
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Religious leaders who were present at the ceremony, Major Stories &# 13, spoke to The Media Line about the increase of racism in their nations since the war started, attributing it to false information and anti-Israel propaganda. They stated that they saw it as an essential component of their mission to spread accurate information about Israel and combat this hatred wave.