Chongqing Transforms Heavy Industry into Beautiful Ecological Villages

Chongqing Transforms Heavy Industry into Beautiful Ecological Villages


Sanjian Township in the Loong River valley of Fengdu has a claim to fame based on the famous stone Jiuxigou (Nine Gulley) Bridge. It was completed unilaterally in 1972 by Fengdu County despite being denied approval from higher technical departments. In November 1977, the Nine Gulley Bridge won a major national scientific prize for the achievement. On December 22, Lvchunba Village of Sanjian Township, Fengdu County, was bestowed the award of Top Ten Most Beautiful Ecological Villages in China.

Sanjian Township is located amidst the precipitous gorges of Longhe Valley. In August 2017, Sanjian Township was formerly identified as a highly impoverished township. Concerned parties have focused on ecological restoration and agricultural tourism as the main priority.

As a result, the old face of Sanjian has been replaced with a scene of resplendent modernity blended with original charm. Ten characteristic home-stays run by local villagers in Lvchuanba have received 25,000 tourists since April 2020, earning a combined 5 million yuan (US$772,200) revenue through tourism.

As a national demonstration area for lakes and rivers, and a newly awarded top ten beautiful village in China, the Loong River’s transformation in Fengdu provides a solid case example of how environmental restoration can be achieved, despite the greatest of challenges.

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