Casino Guru Recovered $765,000 for Mistreated Players in 2021’s First Quarter

Casino Guru Recovered $765,000 for Mistreated Players in 2021’s First Quarter


LONDON, April 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –The year 2020 was full of milestones for Casino Guru. In 12 months, the company launched a multilingual forum, surpassed 3000 reviewed online casinos, finalized its problem and responsible gambling article series, became one of the top 5 websites about online casinos, and more.

Following up on such a successful year, Casino Guru entered 2021 doing what they do best – helping the gambling community. Three months in, the company already secured several achievements, including the Global Self-Exclusion Initiative‘s launch.

Another victory was the recovery of $765,000 to wronged or mistreated players via their complaint resolution center. First launched in August 2019, the center monthly attracts hundreds of players looking to voice their concerns and complaints about specific casinos.

In the first 3 months of 2021, the center received near 1,500 player complaints and achieved a 70% resolution success rate in accepted complaints. This statistic excludes cases that have been rejected, amounting for 57% of all complaints received this year. Reasons for rejection include lacking evidence, unjustified complaints, or player unresponsiveness, which was responsible for 37% of all rejections. 

But the team’s efforts do not end at player help. They also search misleading or predatory clauses in online casinos’ Terms & Conditions agreements and intervene where possible. To this day, they have successfully persuaded 50+ online casinos to change their T&C for the better.

Matej Novota, the Complaint Resolution Center lead, says this about his team’s efforts: “I am extremely proud to say that since our center’s launch, we’ve been able to grow and improve with each new challenge. Every month, we break records. But it’s through the knowledge, skills, and dedication of our 10 incredible team members that we were able to become one of the top 5 complaint resolution centers in the world of online casinos.”

Matej explains the success of the complaint resolution center: “It’s a combination of two factors – online casinos’ growing popularity and a lack of industry standards for T&C agreements. The more people play, the more people run into problems with online casinos and come to us for help.”

But this is just the start. Casino Guru will continue in helping to improve the online gambling industry, using its position on the market to build even better experiences for everyone.


Media contact: Daniela Kianicova, [email protected]

SOURCE Casino Guru

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