32 countries will receive visa-free journey from Iran to Saudi Arabia.

The latest action underscores the renewed diplomatic relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which was re-established earlier this year. Saudi citizens now no longer require a visa to visit Iran, in addition to 32 other nations. [Getty/file photo]. Iranian officials announced on Thursday that they plan to lift visa limitations on 33 countries, including Saudia Arabia, in an attempt to spark a growth in tourism and earn money despite the economic issues and inflation they are facing. This new change will bring the total number of countries who can now visit the nation without a visa to 45. “The decision to waive such visa restrictions was passed today at a session of the government,” Ezzatolah Zarghami, Minister of Cultural, declared. “The government desires to make Iran more accessible to the international community, and this decision is an indicator of ambition and confidence on their part.” Iran will give visa-free access to citizens of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, as well as many countries in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Croatia is the sole Western-allied country on the list. The most recent progression in diplomatic ties between Tehran and Riyadh was a result of an agreement mediated by China in March. Since then, leaders from each nation have paid visits and regular sports games are being played both in Iran and Saudi Arabia. The nations are set to engage in official discussions this week to resume direct appointed flights between Tehran and Riyadh and other cities. Additionally, Umrah pilgrims from Iran are expected to make a pilgrimage to the sacred Mecca starting December 19, which will be the first time in eight years. According to reports from semi-official government sources, airplanes from 10 different airports around Iran will be transporting devotees to the holy town. After the sentence of death on well-known Shiasm cleric Nimr Al-Nimr in 2016, Iranian people got startled up, and almost immediately Iran and Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties. As a result, the Saudi diplomatic locations throughout the nation were assaulted and harmed.