35 Socotra Island Travel Advice

Many people do n’t think to visit Socotra Island because it is a very far away, challenging, yet lovely destination. As a result, there are n’t many reliable sources of information or blogs with travel advice to get you ready for an intense week there. The renowned Socotra Dragon’s Body Trees, which are unique to this island! I’m glad to be able to share this information with some of you because I did n’t know most of the things I wrote about here until I went through them firsthand. You need to be ready for Socotra Island, I assure you! Before I begin, I just want to say that I went on this trip alone ( but with a tour company, which is required ), and I did n’t enjoy going alone. There is a lot of downtime, therefore I suggest joining my smaller group trip the following year or traveling with friends. To learn when we start accepting reservations for our Socotra Island Group Trip in February 25, visit below.
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Additionally, remember to press the Website tab in the menu above if you require any travel accessories or clothing similar to mine. Now for my Socotra Island Essential Travel Tips: Jump To: You ca n’t just drive yourself to the island; you have to use a tour company; otherwise, you run the risk of losing your car, getting lost, and/or dying. In addition, there are n’t any rental cars, and you need one to get around. Having said that, the most crucial advice I can give you is to use a trustworthy company to book your Socotra trip. According to what I’ve heard from other people, not all of them are registered tour companies, and most importantly, they do n’t all hit all the hightlights and offer a fairly varied menu. Although I am biased because I traveled to Socotra Island as part of a collaboration with Eye of SoCotra ( meaning they hosted me for free in exchange for promoting them ), I was incredibly pleased with my tour and would sincerely recommend them. If you’d like to join me on my 2025 class trip with MyLifesATravelTRIBE, click here for more details. By DM’ing them on Instagram, you can also make a direct booking with them. Please let them know that I told them about them so they know I’m doing my work. ( Note: I’m not paid or given a commission. ) Covers your card (you pay ) is one of the qualities to look for in a reputable Socotra Island tour company.
manages flight (you must give; for more information, see below )
offers a variety of meals ( I’ve heard of businesses that regularly serve tuna steak )
is recognized and authorized by the federal
speaks Soqotrian, Arabic, and English.
Is regional! Always be there for the visitors!
possesses vehicle batteries
I wore this because it matched the flowers, so you do n’t need to cover up like this or cover your head. Yemen, a nation that is predominately Muslim, is the owner of Socotra, which is actually known as” Soqotra.” I discovered, though, that Socotra and its inhabitants are very dissimilar from Yemenis on the island. The majority of people are Muslims, but because there is a significant educational space outside of Hodiboh’s capital, the religion is nowhere near as strict. Additionally, the places you’ll get visiting are largely unpopulated. However, you still need to value these people and the protection of their area and culture. Here is a list of what to wear and what not to do in order to be culturally and legally appropriate: Dress modestly if you do n’t want to feel uncomfortable because most people are used to seeing lots of skin. Use a burka, I’m no saying. Consider wearing longer dresses, loose pants, jeans, or shorts—basically anything that does n’t expose too much cleavage or your ass.
Swimsuits are acceptable. I had assumed that they would be prohibited. I observed people wearing swimsuits, but I preferred one piece with a reasonable amount of coverage because it made me feel at ease. There are typically local men at the swim spots who will undoubtedly be watching you, so I would n’t advise a thong or anything too revealing.
Drinking is permitted; it’s a secret, so do n’t act crazy or flashy about it. On Socotra Island, drinking is neither sold nor accessible, but you are permitted to bring it with you. Wait until you’re at station to drink it because it is greatly discouraged in Hodiboh. Additionally, keep in mind that you typically need to light up at six in the morning!
Do n’t listen to music while you pray; the Muslim faith requires five times a day of prayer. Turn off the songs and remain silent if you see your link, driver, or anyone else praying.
When I went to say goodnight to me at the airports, I unintentionally discovered that hugging your link is prohibited. Do n’t hug any locals because it’s a part of the Muslim religion! Try to minimize your Smartphone if you’re traveling with a partner outside of your camp.
Do n’t take pictures of kids; this is true everywhere in the world. Although the children are incredibly cute, they are not animals. Be kind to them out of respect, but do n’t take pictures.
To avoid repetition, getting to Socotra Island is neither simple nor inexpensive. It’s not that poor, though, for those who are determined. What you need to know is that the visa fee is$ 150, and your tour company needs to apply for it on your behalf. To provide them in person, you’ll probably want to bring money. Create a copy of your card and take it with you.
Passport Stamp: A Yemeni stamp wo n’t be added to your passport because it will probably cause you issues. Otherwise, when they arrive, they will fill out a paper and give you the lower half. Make sure you keep this document with your id because you need to keep.
Planes: Ciaro or Abu Dhabi is the only method to get to Socotra. I do n’t know much about Cairo, but I do know that flying out of Abu Dhabi was fairly simple. Tuesdays and Fridays only have two flights per month, and your tour company can provide the plan. The round-trip cost is about$ 900. You will need to travel to Terminal A, despite what the world claims, and the airport is Air Arabia.
Since it’s so quick, I advise staying in Abu Dhabi the night before the flight. Abu Dhabi Long Layover on a Budget Guide contains some crucial advice on where to be and how to get round.
I’m so glad you asked. Choose click the link below to read my full article about the top attractions in Socotra. Your journey company will provide you with a packing checklist of the 11 Top Things to See in Socotra Island, but the one I received was far from comprehensive. I also was n’t entirely sure what this trip would entail, so I frequently lacked the necessary supplies. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY LISTING OF ALL THE AMAZON PRODUCTS I HAVE TO SAY! Here are my packing suggestions for Socotra Island based on what I’ve found: modest swimsuits (2-3 )
Sarongs for the dress or a documents
traveling blanket made of microfiber
water-resistant trainers
Flip-flops and sandals
Electronics tones that function (verify prior to departure )
compact batteries, particularly those that are solar-powered
Request the journey company if they have a car charger.
Sunscreen ( safe reef )
Shampoo/soap that is environmentally pleasant
recyclable paper towels
wipe for biodegradable facial cleaning
To store your used wipe, use biodegradable waste luggage or dog poop bags.
Avoid using mouthwash that is environmentally friendly.
Water bottle
DJI Pocket ( camera with stabilizer )
Mavic MiniDJI
Getting ready for hiking
strong, brilliant headlight
For windy night, a lightweight coat
Please feel free to bring my guide and/or blog!
female products that are earth-friendly
Backpack or daypack for excursions
I’m not going to sugarcoat it any further. Coming from someone who has been traveling full-time for ten centuries, Socotra Island was challenging in almost every way. Mild travel is only possible because you must first travel to Abu Dhabi and then take a pricey charter flight there and back. As long as you’re patient, the airport process is n’t as chaotic as many people claim.
Excursions: It was challenging to climb to Hoq Cave, Homhil Pool, and Kalysan Pool.
Highways: Generally challenging; they become very challenging when you enter the mountains.
Moderate camping: I had no trouble setting up camp because I do n’t mind urinating in the bushes, but keep in mind that some campsites lack restrooms and showers.
Food Accessibility: Amazing! possibly challenging for gluten-free, healthier, and eaters.
On my single excursion to Socotra Island, one of my favorite camping! Scary only a little bit at evening. Camping is the best way to experience Socotra Island’s shows. Some tours give you the chance to stay in hotels in Hodiboh and take day trips from there, but doing so wo n’t get you to all of the places. As I’ve already mentioned, I was n’t entirely sure what to anticipate before embarking on my solo journey through Socotra. I had no idea that I would be spending most of my time camping, but later learned that the majority of campsites would have restrooms and only have a limited amount of cell service. So, to allay your concerns, here’s what camping on Socotra Island can be expected to be like: Mostly wild camping ( most of which have restrooms and cold rain, but nothing expensive or sparkling clean )
houses with a sleeping bag, pillows, bed, and slim mattress
Showers are typically lukewarm or cool and call for the wearing of a dress.
The majority of meals are consumed at camp and are always comfortable, with the exception of meal on some days.
You can always find bottled water, tea, and coffee ( and typically soda ) available.
Do n’t leave any trash anywhere, not even at campsites, as a side note! Including your bathroom towels!
I never really used money for anything other than to get some native trinkets and give my driver a tip at the end of the journey. There are a few smaller snack shops, and you can even purchase fresh lobster and shrimp in Qalyansia for an additional fee, but that’s pretty much it. What you need to know about money is that you should bring USD coins in unmarked$ 20 charges or higher to trade for local currency using guides.
Estimate that your driver/chef will cost around$ 5 per day, and your guide will likely cost between$ 6 and$ 7.
used as tips, snacks, and mementos ( rare ).
Usually prefer having more money than not enough. Bring at least$ 200, but only make small exchanges at a time, in my opinion.
I really do think it when I say Socotra is a rural area. Do n’t go there expecting to be able to check email, upload anything, make calls, or browse social media. since you ca n’t. Sending writings or Whatsapp information is probably the most you can manage, but keep in mind that doing so will drain your phone’s battery and make it very challenging to charge electronics. If your phone is unlocked, you can use this SIM cards from the airport in Abu Dhabi because it’s the only way to get a link. Both your regional carrier roaming and an eSIM may not function. Ask your link if they will occasionally be able to destination you from their SIM card in the event that you are unable to use one.
Very little support; only a few locations on the tour have mobile towers. Be ready for the possibility that you wo n’t be able to receive service at all on some days. There is no service in Arher, but I did receive it in Firmhin, Detwah, and a few other locations along the way ( thank God or I would get lost in the forest ).
Names, uploads of videos, etc. are not feasible. Most texts can be sent and received, but I did manage to get my email to function a few times and insert also photos to Instagram. But, I advise against wasting your time or battery on social media while on this vacation!
WiFi is simply accessible in Hodoboh. A card can be purchased from specific restaurants, and it also functions reasonably well at the Summer Land hotel.
I had heard a few people lament the lack of food variety on their journey prior to my visit to Socotra Island. Because the food is monotonous and bland, they also advised me to provide snacks and hot soup. For me, this was NOT the situation! On my trip with Eye of Socotra, I was fed like an overall wife! And just so you know, despite the fact that I’m a pescatarian ( I only eat fish ) and am very picky, I was still completely satisfied. Here are some recommendations for eating and drinking during a camping trip to Socotra. Tough food restrictions may make things challenging, but vegans may find it challenging. I’d say the meals are typically gluten-free.
primarily raw fish, vegetables, rice, pasta, and seeds. Additionally, meat is attainable, and one day you’ll find beef.
You should n’t be surprised if you always eat canned tuna for lunch. My chef also provided other items, such as pasta or vegetable slices, which I eventually taught him how to use in a salad.
There is always water, tea, coffee, and soda included, but after day 2, there is no ice, so do n’t anticipate anything cold.
I generally ate fried or boiled egg, seeds, and fruit for breakfast.
On the island, alcohol is permitted but no accessible. If you’d like, you can purchase it in Abu Dhabi and bring it home, but keep it under wraps and keep your mouth shut.
For a few grounds, I was very concerned about my health before traveling alone to Socotra. Of course, one was due to the situation in Yemen, which at the moment involved the USA bombing the nation. Another was on a far-off area and unable to reach people in an emergency. I was concerned about an emergency evacuation because there were only two planes per month. Without a doubt, I was worried about camping alone with two people and all the other visit company men. BUT! I ultimately felt secure most of the time. But there were days when I was a little worried. Here are my recommendations: Murder: In Socotra, there is hardly any crime that anyone has heard of. People are incredibly loving, amiable, and kind.
Drunk Men reportedly get very drunk, frequently all day, because alcohol is not only not available but also not entirely prohibited. Only the tour directors, owners, or other non-drivers were present, and while they did n’t hurt anyone, they were uncomfortably chatty. However, my manual made it clear that they should leave me only.
Roads and Driving: I’m not going to rest; a few times I thought we might turn or fall off rock. The four-wheel truck handles the roads also, but roads are bad because it is against the law to build them in order to protect nature. Make sure to buckle up in your car!
Give liquid boots to Rocky Beaches and Waters to prevent your feet from hurting.
Hikes — possibly harmful in terms of wounds.
Yemen issue: Socotra Island is neither close to nor closely related to Yemen’s island in any way. So, there is no issue with any issue on Yemen’s mainland.
In Socotra, there are no dangerous animals that could harm you, with the possible exception of ants, which are extremely uncommon to view. That’s about it; there are goats, cats, and Egyptian vultures ( pictured above ) that will steal your food. There are bees and wasps, so take medication if you’re sensitive. There were no flies, see uh, or other bite-inducing creatures when I was it. Your manual should point out some plants to you because some of them are pointy and a very small number are poisonous. One of the risks you probably wo n’t consider is the sun. Bring eco-friendly sunscreen because Socotra contains a lot of solid ingredients. &# 13,
Travel tips for Socotra SoCotra area