4 of the world’s best novel establishments are in New England, according to Travel + Luxury

World News The outside cafe at Faraway Martha’s Vineyard. Faraway Martha’s Vineyard By Kristi Palma April 19, 2024 | 12:56 PM New England has four of the most exciting novel hotels on the planet, according to Travel + Luxury. A glance inside Clarendon Square, ranked the No. 1 sleep & meal in Boston The after hotels made Travel + Leisure‘s It List 2024, which highlights the 100 best fresh and restored resorts around the world: Raffles Boston; Faraway Martha’s Vineyard; Norumbega Inn in Camden, Maine; and Gardiner House in Newport. The properties are one of 39 nations ‘ collective resorts in North America on the 19th annual record, which covers six continents. For the first time this time, the list also includes pleasure cruises. “The 2024 It List is a celebration of transformation and discovery, spotlighting hidden gems and reborn icons across the globe, as well as luxury cruises for the first time, ” Jacqui Gifford, editor in chief of Travel + Leisure, said in a statement. Advertisement:The resorts on the list provide “a deep sense of connection, satisfaction, and happiness far from home, ” according to Gifford. While visiting Raffles Boston, the second North American home for the beautiful brand, guests stay in areas that are “sumptuous, with powerful gold and black crosses that gesture to the brand’s Eastern roots, ” wrote Travel + Leisure. At Faraway Martha’s Vineyard, Travel + Luxury pointed out the hotel’s “Bohemian influences from the 1960s and ‘70s” and how its cafes recognize the place. Billed as “The Castle by the Sea, ” Maine’s Norumbega Inn makes visitors feeling like “they’ve been spirited away to a historic country house, ” the release wrote. And Newport’s Gardiner House on Lee’s Wharf has “turned the city ’s hospitality scene on its head by quickly becoming a social hub for stylish locals and in-the-know winter visitors, ” according to Travel + Leisure. The publication compared and analyzed hundreds of brand-new and renovated properties all over the world over the course of the past year to determine the 100 best novel hotels. Test out Travel + Leisure‘s It Record 2024. Need trip ideas? The best activities in the city are delivered directly to your queue. Send your email Enter your email handle