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CLEVELAND–()–Constant Aviation, one of the country’s largest Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul businesses (MROs), has identified high growth opportunity segments within its offering, and will be refocusing the business in the coming weeks to remain a leader in this highly competitive industry.

The company’s research shows a trend in greater demand for heavy maintenance inspections, partially due to the industry wide maturation of the Challenger aircraft. The company is well positioned to handle the 7,500-hour cycle inspections of that aircraft and other heavy maintenance out of its Cleveland, Ohio facility. In addition, these areas of opportunity include paint and refurbishment, which Constant Aviation currently handles out of its Sanford, Florida facility. With these changes in business focus, the Mesa, AZ facility has been idled and all Mesa employees have been offered comparable job opportunities at other Constant Aviation facilities or at sister company Flexjet.

In addition, the company has named David Davies as CEO. Most recently serving as a Chief Operating Officer at Flexjet, Davies will use his more than 20 years of experience in the private aviation industry to prepare the company for its next phase of innovation.

“Having concluded a deep analysis of the future of MROs, we are putting into place a business strategy to adapt to the changing needs of our current and future customers,” Davies said from the company’s headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. “With growth in the AOG Mobile Teams and our refurbishment business, we have decided to redirect our efforts toward Sanford and Cleveland. However, we intend to look at reopening Mesa in the future.”

Due to a record number of aircraft deliveries at sister company Flexjet, there is a substantive recruitment program in place to onboard dozens of maintenance technicians to the 20+ year FAA Diamond Award winning in-house maintenance team. Constant Aviation aircraft maintenance technicians from the Mesa, AZ facility, who are certified in relevant Flexjet aircraft, have been invited to join the Flexjet team where appropriate.

“As new aircraft come off the production line with greater efficiencies in their design, we are seeing maintenance intervals for aircraft expanding. MROs will need to increase the speed and accuracy of their maintenance services along with encouraging proactive maintenance to minimize downtime and ensure the latest aviation technology is in place. The changes that we are making will position Constant Aviation to flourish,” Davies said.

Before joining Flexjet, Davies was Chief Operating Officer at OneSky Flight and Chief Information Officer at Nextant Aerospace and Flight Options. He is a retired United States Air Force Sergeant.

About Constant Aviation
Constant Aviation specializes in airframe and engine maintenance, major repairs, avionics, interiors, and paint. In addition, it offers nationwide AOG service, extensive parts distribution through its CARE (Constant Aviation Rotable Exchange) division and accessory and composite services through its Nextant Aerospace division. Constant Aviation provides services through its nationwide network of facilities and mobile response teams with expertise in a comprehensive spectrum of business jet airframes. It has raised the bar in aircraft maintenance expectations and has created a unique one-stop shop experience for customers’ business and private jet needs. For more information, please visit Like us on Facebook and follow us on

, Constant Aviation Repositioning Business to Meet Greatest Market Demands and Set Stage for New Growth, For Immediate Release , For Immediate Release

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