Beaches, culture, luxury resorts included |

Beaches, culture, luxury resorts included |

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Traveling to Sri Lanka is definitely an excellent choice when selecting a tropical travel destination with a lot of culture and history and for a bargain, most in the world would never have imagined.

Tourists in Sri Lanka are not only welcome but urgently needed – and the prices show. An entire country is a bargain and a sale the global travel and tourism industry has not seen before.

Sri Lanka, the Indian Ocean island known for its pristine beaches and sprawling tea plantations, has recorded a drastic slump in tourist numbers in 2019 after the Easter bombings, when 269 people, including visitors, were killed at hotels. According to official data, around 40 of the deceased and 19 injured persons were foreign visitors from different countries, including China, Denmark, Spain, the United Kingdom, and India.

Sri Lanka put an enormous effort into improving safety and security and there is no reason not to consider this nation for a holiday. Upscale hotels, like the Jetwing Hotel Group, should be a natural choice for visitors looking for quality, safety, and a caring stunning environment.

Rooms originally priced at $420 per night in one of the most luxurious hotels of the country, was currently being offered at around $100 with breakfast included, a tactic which is pressurizing lower-category establishments to offer rooms at around half of this price due to an evident lack of tourists.

The Sri Lankan ministry of tourism said that the number of tourist arrivals dropped by 70 percent after the attack, going from 166,975 tourists to 37,802 between April and May.

In 2019 around 1.9 million people visited the island, with the majority of the visits taking place before the attacks, during the first four months of the year.

According to the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, the top markets were India, the UK, China, Germany, and Australia.

Since the attacks in April, which targeted three of the most upscale hotels in the country, hotel chains have had to engage in a tariff war to compete in a crashing market.

Five-star accommodations are being offered at three-star tariffs in a desperate attempt to attract visitors, which in turn chokes the medium and low-range sector, Stronach said.

Responding to the downturn, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has ordered the launch of a promotional plan for the country which plans a recovery within the next five years.

Rajapaksa has set a target of generating revenues worth $10 billion through tourism by 2025, a goal that seems quite ambitious at the moment, even as Colombo’s beaches lie vacant.

Sti Lanka offers visa-free entry to get tourists to make the destination their choice for a vacation.

A taste of the neighborhood:

Venturing Beyond The Beach

Beyond the shores of Jetwing Beach, a world of adventures is waiting to be discovered. Be it over land or underwater, Negombo serves as a convenient base to explore a number of unique destinations that showcase the diverse heritage of our tropical isle.

While Negombo itself hosts a number of cultural and historical sites, it is also conveniently located between two of Sri Lanka’s capitals. The current capital of Colombo is found just half an hour away and is the urban heart of our island complete with the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city. Dambadeniya, on the other hand, is an ancient capital located further east from our home, with a ruined palace alongside other relics left behind as its legacy.

Closer to home, the Angurukaramulla Temple found on the outskirts of Negombo also features a large Buddha statue with a number of ancient murals and a ruined library that dates back over 300 years. Negombo however, as a northwestern hub of commercial activity, continues to be one of Sri Lanka’s most prominent fishing villages. Beyond its preservation of colonial artifacts such as the Dutch Fort, Negombo is also home to the celebrated Lellama Fish Market, which sells some of the finest seafood you can find in Sri Lanka.

The waters of Negombo’s coastline are also known to be exciting as they are adventurous, with not only the exotic Duwa Reef available for a colorful diving experience but also the Kudapaduwa shipwreck and the sunken Royal Air Force Aircraft in the seas off Katuneriya. Alternatively, the resident waters of our family at Jetwing Lagoon host a professional water sports center for adrenalin-filled jet-ski and boat rides among other exciting aquatic activities upon the inland waters of Negombo.

Finally, for the birding enthusiasts, Jetwing Beach also offers excursions to the open aviaries of Muthurajawela’s mangroves and the Anawilundawa Sanctuary to spot a number of species both endemic and migratory, frolic in our tropical island habitats.

Miles And Miles Of Shallow Coastline

Comfortably settled at the center of an untouched bay in Sri Lanka’s eastern province, Sunrise by Jetwing welcomes you to the pristine waters of Passikudah – known to feature one of the longest stretches of shallow coastline in the world. Standing out among hotels in Passikudah, our home of Sri Lankan hospitality features one of the longest pools on the island, against a stunning backdrop of clear blue waters from the magnificent Indian Ocean. For adventures beyond the luxuries of our tropical home, Sunrise by Jetwing possesses a distinct advantage with its convenient location on the northeastern coastline of Sri Lanka, offering you easy access to the ancient kingdom of Polonnaruwa with its preserved archaeological ruins, and even the harbour city of Trincomalee where you may witness a resident population of dolphins and blue whales in their natural habitat. Should you wish to remain close to home however, our resident shoreline is also the ideal respite for a number of beach activities and water sports.

The Bustling Capital Of Our Island Home

Proudly situated on the western coast of Sri Lanka, Jetwing Colombo Seven welcomes you to the bustling capital city of Colombo, with our luxurious home of Sri Lankan hospitality built on the land of our founder’s bygone residence. Rising above the city from the upscale neighborhood of Cinnamon Gardens, our urban home remains comfortably distinct from the crowd of hotels in Colombo with our family heritage that has inspired a number of modern facilities and services, including a rooftop bar and infinity pool. And with our convenient location between the cosmopolitan city center and the upcoming verdant suburbs, our contemporary Colombo home is surrounded by the best of our island capital. From historic sites that take you back to various eras, to bustling markets that treat you to an inviting harmony of chaos, and the array of fine dining and shopping experiences to ensure you will always have something to do in our island capital.

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