Educational Student Trip Agency, Fantastic Tours, Shares Top “Must-Haves” for Traveling Teachers

Educational Student Trip Agency, Fantastic Tours, Shares Top “Must-Haves” for Traveling Teachers


COMMACK, N.Y., Jan. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Teachers who travel with their students often prioritize preparing their students for a trip, making sure they pack everything they could need — so much so that they can sometimes forget to make sure they have everything they need themselves! In addition to the types of items recommended for students and teachers alike, there are some specific things that teachers should bring with them.

Educational student trip agency, Fantastic Tours, shares the top “must-haves” and “often forgotten” items for all teachers who travel with their students.

  1. Portable phone charger. It’s important that the teacher’s phone remains charged throughout the trip in case of emergency or the need to contact the trip agency.
  2. Refillable water bottle. Buying several water bottles throughout a trip can be expensive and is not as good for the environment as having a reusable bottle on hand. Make sure you stay hydrated with water within arms’ reach at all times.
  3. A good quality to-go coffee mug. It goes without saying that teachers may need a little extra energy boost when traveling with students. Having a to-go coffee mug is a great way to help with that without extra waste. Many teachers find filling up a mug at a hotel breakfast helps them make it to their lunch hour well energized!
  4. A first aid kit. A good first aid kit can really make a big difference in a pinch. Teachers should carry a compact first aid kit with them on all trips so they can tend to the little things like scrapes but also intervene in the case of a larger injury. Include in the kit a few barf bags in case you have someone that experiences motion sickness, you never know and if needed you’ll be glad you have them.
  5. Extra toiletries. Whenever there is an overnight trip, at least one student forgets a toiletry item!  Rather than routing the entire group to a nearby store, bring an extra travel size of each of the basics. They can always be saved for a future trip if they are not used. Just some thought starters – extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, spray deodorant, combs, and Q-tips!
  6. Folders and file organizers. Teachers are responsible for holding onto a lot of important documents and information. Keep all permission slips, medical forms, emergency contact forms, and other required paperwork well organized with labeled folders then tucked into a backpack or briefcase. They are crucial for keeping important documents organized and at your fingertips. We especially like the accordion style ones that can start out small and grow as needed as the trip (and papers) progress!
  7. A comfortable over the shoulder tote or backpack. It’s not feasible with all the paperwork needed and other odds and ends to use a handbag, especially with days full of walking and getting off and on the motorcoach throughout the day. To make sure you have documents with you at all times consider a comfortable backpack or over the shoulder briefcase. Teachers can invest in a comfortable and sturdy tote with a lot of secured zipper compartments. That way, teachers can have everything they need on them at all times without sacrificing comfort or their back!

About Fantastic Tours
Fantastic Tours is a national tour company creating customized tour experiences for schools across America. Founded in 1984 a WBE certified agency, the Fantastic Tours team is experienced, passionate, and proud of their unique approach to educational travel. Their mission is to assist you in creating an enriching experience outside the classroom with travel, with a dedicated 24/7 client service approach.

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