The Players’ Tribune Hosts Sixth Annual Players’ Night Out Celebration In Chicago During NBA All-Star Weekend

The Players’ Tribune Hosts Sixth Annual Players’ Night Out Celebration In Chicago During NBA All-Star Weekend


Given the strong ties to the Chicago community from the Jordan Family and The Players’ Tribune’s athlete community, this event seeks to give back to a city that has created some of the most impactful legends and leaders, with the goal of inspiring even more.

“Our greatest strength with The Players’ Tribune is our ability to connect communities through storytelling and unique life experiences,” said Asaf Peled, CEO of Minute Media. “We are excited to give back to a community that means so much to many of the athletes we work with in our organization.”

At the casino night, this year, The Players’ Tribune and the Heir Jordan Foundation combined their fundraising efforts in support of the Chicago Public Library. Hennessy, a long-standing partner of TPT joined the evening of fundraising festivities, as well.

“The Players’ Tribune highlights both the struggles and successes of communities like ours through their real and compelling narratives, in order to inspire and unite people together,” said Jeffrey Jordan, co-founder of Heir Jordan Foundation. “We share the same passion for inspiring the community and are thrilled to work with TPT to bring this night to fruition.”

All proceeds from this event will help support the Chicago Public Library Foundation, which funds the full scope of lifelong learning programs at Chicago Public Library, from early learning and teen mentorship to the maker movement and digital literacy.

The Players’ Tribune (TPT), powered by Minute Media, a leading global technology and digital publishing platform, is a first-of-its-kind content platform that was developed by athletes for athletes to connect them with fans through the power of storytelling. By giving athletes the tools to create truly personal content and tell their stories, The Players’ Tribune is reimagining the world of sports and culture through the player’s point of view. More than 2,000 athletes have contributed to the platform through impactful and powerful long and short form stories, video series and audio. Founded by Derek Jeter in 2014, TPT provides unique insight into the daily sports conversation and brings fans closer than ever to the games they love. For more information visit, or interact with the team on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

MOËT HENNESSY USA, is the leading importer and marketer of high-quality wines, spirits and champagnes in the U.S. The Moët Hennessy portfolio includes renowned brands such as: Hennessy Cognac; Moët & Chandon, Dom Pérignon, Krug, Veuve Clicquot and Ruinart Champagnes; Belvedere Vodka; Volcan de mi Tierra Tequila; Glenmorangie and Ardbeg single malt Scotch whiskies, Woodinville; and fine wines, Ao Yun, Cape Mentelle, Cloudy Bay, Newton Vineyard, Numanthia, Terrazas de Los Andes, Smoke Tree, Chandon California, and Clos19. Moët Hennessy has a strong consumer focus with an uncompromising commitment to building luxury brands.

The Heir Jordan Foundation was founded by the Jordan Family Trust: Jasmine Jordan, Marcus Jordan and Jeffrey Jordan in 2019. Growing up in Chicago, the heirs of the Jordan Family have been involved and seen first-hand what the city of Chicago has to offer. With this foundation, it is their opportunity to give back to the community that raised them. In this new, digital age, people across the world are growing more connected through information. The minds of our youth are the most exposed and susceptible to these drastic changes. The Heir Jordan Foundation seeks to inspire a global community of “HEIRS” — community leaders, minority youth, and the next generation–by cultivating support, self-sufficiency and leadership. In collaboration with strategic partners, the team will continue to create unique experiences and growth opportunities: through their familial passion for sports, through innovative resources, and by sharing impactful stories to educate and inspire the next generation.

For more than 30 years, The Chicago Public Library Foundation has connected individuals and corporations, neighborhood organizations and City agencies, committed to building a stronger and more equitable Chicago. Together, we invest—at every level—in distinctive social impact opportunities that are uniquely accessible to everyone through our 81-branch Chicago Public Library system. These free services go above what is possible with taxpayer dollars in order to bridge divides, respond to changing community needs, and innovate within the field.

SOURCE The Players’ Tribune

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