Avian Solutions to Provide Discounted Services for Pandemic-Effected Aviation Industry

Avian Solutions to Provide Discounted Services for Pandemic-Effected Aviation Industry


NEW YORK, July 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Few industries have been hit harder by the recent Covid-19 pandemic than the aviation industry. While the impact on commercial airlines made headlines around the globe, private aviation businesses and smaller charter operators have largely flown under the radar, due to the relative safety of fewer passengers and the ability to circumvent large international airports. Even so, charter operators, flight schools and other airlines often operate on slim profit margins, especially when just getting off the ground.

Avian Solutions, a company that utilizes technical expertise and advanced AI algorithms to improve aviation operations, is doing comparatively well and has chosen to double down on their investment in technology. Globally, they’ve increased their team size just over 25% since March. For aviation organisations that haven’t been so lucky, they want to help.

“We continue to believe the answers lay in technology,” says Philip Nijnens, CEO of Avian Solutions. “If we can modernise the way these aviation organizations operate and interact with clients, using our AI algorithms, this in turn can increase their revenue while lowering costs. What’s more is this technology can enable employees to work from home or on the go.”

To assist the aviation industry during the Covid-19 recovery, Avian Solutions is offering limited time discounted pricing on their existing products and development services:

  • Custom software development: 60% discount
  • Website development: FREE website development with 1-year management agreement
  • White label web app: FREE
  • Standard booking app: FREE
  • Custom designed booking apps: Discounted to $1250/mo
  • Access to JetOS remains FREE for all users.

“Our company is made up of former pilots and charter operators,” says Nijnens. “And as always, we never charge if someone wants to reach out and hear our opinions. We’re always here to support our clients and the industry we love.”

Avian Solutions is leading the charge to modernize the aviation industry. They got their start focusing on aircraft charters and aircraft sales with Avian Jets. However, as the years progressed, they began to identify costly inefficiencies within the private aviation industry, which were ultimately passed on to the customer. With the goal of helping to eliminate those inefficiencies, they pivoted towards building innovative technologies to address those specific issues. They have since developed their JetOS platform, flight booking apps and have created custom software for their clients.

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