5 Tips For Traveling With Health Problems: Staying Safe During Summer Vacations In Harlem and Beyond

From staycations and road trips adventures and southern cruises, summers offers the chance to escape and relax with a far- needed ( and deserved ) vacation.
But, for people living with health problems like heart disease or stroke, leaving home may pose particular challenges.
The specialists at the American Heart Association, which celebrates 100 years of saving service as the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to heart and brain health for all, offer a some key advice to alleviate on-the-go stress as the travel season gets underway.
” As we look forward to summer, many individuals may be traveling to expend treasured time with family and friends, or maybe just to enjoy some rest on the beach”, said Gladys Velarde, M. D., FAHA, professor of medicine and federal charity with the American Heart Association. People who have chronic health conditions that call for multiple medications or special medical equipment do n’t always find it that simple. There are also factors for how to keep your health and avoid putting yourself at risk.
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Velarde said that does n’t mean travel is off- limits if you have a chronic health condition. You can lessen anxiety and get ready for your next great adventure with a little planning and preparation.
Verify- In with Your Health Care Provider
Talk to your primary care physician or professional about your travel plans and any special concerns relating to your health. He or she can advise you on any limitations or measures you should be aware of. Carry a list of all medications, including quantities and store data. Consider also having a list of your doctor’s and emergency contacts ‘ phone numbers as well as copies of important medical information.
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Control Your Drugs
Make sure your medications are clearly marked and have enough food for the duration of your vacation. Ask your medical provider to modify your treatment schedule if you’re traveling across time areas. Make sure you have a kitchen in your lodging and make sure you pack them properly for aircraft safety because some medications require refrigeration.
Plan for Transportation
Whether you’re traveling by airplane, bus, train, boat ship or other means, it’s fundamental to prepare ahead for specific health products. For instance, you might need to consult with the travel agency to learn how to properly transport your equipment if you use a chair, turner, or other mobility aids to get around.
Master the Airport
Planning ahead does make the aircraft experience simpler during this especially active travel season. If you have a defibrillator or implanted cardioverter- defibrillator, you may need to move through a specific security screening. Consider requesting a chair or courtesy van when purchasing a ticket in order to get to your doorway because it can get a lot to travel through a busy terminal.
Long airlines may increase your risk of pulmonary emboli and deep vein thrombosis. Consider walking around the house while wearing compression tights as it’s safe and permitted to help improve your circulation.
Understand the Signs
While it’s always important to know the signs of brain attack, stroke or heart imprisonment, it’s especially important while away from home. If you or anyone you’re with practice signs, call 911. Many airports perhaps have kiosks where you can learn Hands-On CPR while you’re waiting for your flight.
” Every individual’s situation is special, and you’ll want to tailor your vacation plans to your particular needs”, Velarde said. By taking a little time to prepare and plan, your vacation may be just what the doctor ordered to help you relax and recharge.
Learn more about Heart Healthy Traveling. com.
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