50 % off flights to Europe through the majority of 2024.

Je bent je bewust van de deals, toch? Ze gebeuren op 22 december 2023. – Wat bedoel je? – Ik weet het niet. Reading time: 4 minutes. This article includes mentions of items from one or several sponsors. We might get remunerated when you click on the links to those products. The offers listed on this page are subject to certain terms. For information about our marketing policy, check out this page. Celebrating 2024, discount air carrier Play Airlines is announcing a significant reduction in fare, slashing prices by 50% on numerous flights from cities such as Washington, Boston, and New York, flying to assorted European destinations. Be swift in booking your flights. Customers have the opportunity to reserve return flights with the Icelandic airline at a starting price of $293, with this offer available until Saturday midnight. These are the fundamental deal details. Kannst du mir erklären, wofür du Hilfe brauchst oder was du nicht verstehst?