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If you’re thinking about traveling to Denver, you might picture yourself unwinding on the door of a small room in the mountains, watching the babbling creek flow by. After all, Colorado is known for its mountain landscape, and from the area, you can almost always see mountains.
However, Denver, Colorado, is a city where you wo n’t find many cabins. If you intend to stay within the town limits during your stay, you are more likely to get rentals, hotels, condos, and other similar types of rental properties.
Thankfully, though, there are houses close to Denver that will satisfy your needs and expectations for a comfortable getaway. There are many places in the area where comfortable cabins can be rented that are less than an hour from Denver, and there are numerous vacation rentals that will fulfill your desire as well.
You can take in breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and all the great stuff Denver has to offer in any of them. Continue reading to find out more about some of these Denver house rentals, and begin organizing your ideal trip to this exhilarating yet tranquil city right away.
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Cabin Details
Title of the Cabin
the area
Maximum Employment
Typical Rating
Cost per day
Cabins in Colorado Bear Creek
3- 8.
4. 7 / 5
$ 200 to$ 500
Country Road Cabins
2- 4.
4. 7 / 5
$ 275.
Cabins in Golden Gate Canyon State Park
4. 8/5 /
90 dollars
The Chautauqua of Colorado
1- 16.
4. 8 / 5
$ 194- 350.
The Tyrolean Lodge
9.8 / 10
$ 500.
Mountain Upscale TreeHouse
Hills of India
10 out of 10
$ 209.
Colorado Rental Cabins in the Denver Area
1. Cabins at Colorado Bear Creek
Booking.com for Colorado Bear Creek Cabins
Colorado Bear Creek Cabins in Evergreen offers some of the nicest and highest-rated cottages close to Denver. These cabins are situated right on the stunning Bear Creek, only 30 minutes from Denver’s city.
There are eight cabins on this family-run and owned house. Each has a flat-screen television, WiFi, caffeine, restaurants, and stoves. Additionally, each one has seating sections and barbecue grills right next to the creek.
You’ll enjoy staying the night or more in a comfortable room by the creek while still being close enough to Denver to eat dinner, attend concerts, or spend the day touring museums.
2. Country Road Cabins
TripAdvisor / Management
As an alternative, you might think about staying at The Cabins at Country Road, which is also on Bear Creek and in Evergreen. This might be the location for you if you’re looking for a more opulent house renting.
At this house, there are also eight cottages, each of which has a sweet name like” The Owl’s Nest, The Bootlegger Barn, or The Dreamcatcher Cabin.” Every cabin has barbecue grills, a full kitchen, cozy furniture, and peaceful, sleeping areas where you can feel as though you’ve managed to escape everything.
Most houses only accommodate two people, but two of them have space for four. When you sit in one, you’ll want to test them all because each comfortable room is a unique experience.
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3. Cabins in Golden Gate Canyon State Park
ViaTravelers / Christy Articola
The houses at the Reverend’s Ridge Campground in Golden Gate Canyon State Park may appeal to those seeking a more daring and rural experience. You can supply them using the museum’s camping reservation system; there are five of them and two yurts.
Each of these apartments can accommodate up to six people, and some are pet-friendly. Denver is about 45 days away from the park. These cabins are the ideal option for people looking to unplug because they are smaller and a little greek but also cute and comfortable. They are also available year-round.
You’ll have to move to the local user’s middle when you need to move; each cabin and yurt has light and heat but no water or bath. Cooking is possible on barbecue grills or fire pits around. You’ll enjoy gazing up at a lake of stars at night because it’s quiet.
Personally, I’m a big supporter of these houses. They are straightforward but reasonably priced, and the area is full of outdoor activities.
Nothing is more satisfying than eating a turkey breast and various sides that you prepared over an open fireplace, which we book out each Thanksgiving. I heartily endorse it!
4.. 4. Chautauqua in Colorado
TripAdvisor / Management
The Chautauqua Movement was a historical and adult learning movement that reached its zenith in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The creation of communities where people could go to like songs, lectures, performances, and togetherness with other liberal thinkers of the time was a part of this movement.
There are n’t many of these communities left today, but there is one in Boulder. The Colorado Chautauqua now offers rental houses for shorter periods of time, as opposed to the past when people do visit these areas for months at a time.
The Colorado Chautauqua’s cabins and houses were all built between 1899 and 1954, and each one is distinctive. You can choose from workshop, one bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms among them, as well as the Missions House house, which has eight bedrooms for big groups.
Despite the park’s completely WiFi, none of them have televisions or phone. They are all close to near walking tracks, including Boulder’s renowned Flat Irons and everything else the fascinating city of Boulder has to offer. Additionally, you’ll get a short drive from both Denver and the stunning Rocky Mountain National Park.
Even though every cabin has a kitchen if you’d prefer to cook for yourself, The Colorado Chautauqua also provides year-round social development, public store, and dining hall. From anywhere in the area, the hill views are breathtaking, and most houses also welcome dogs.
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5. 5. The Tyrolean Lodge
VRBO / Tyrolean Lodge
This rock house in Golden, Colorado, is just a short hop, skip, and jump away from Denver. It’s impossible not to love this contemporary, opulent take on a conventional Alpine log cabin.
Four people can sleep in this two-bedroom room in two bedrooms, and it has one bath. Additionally, it has a fully equipped kitchen, two smart TVs, an in-house stove that burns wood, the bathroom’s claw foot tub and separate shower, as well as brand-new hot tubs for you and your friends to use while you’re there.
Eldora Mountain Area is close by, which is a major pick. There are numerous opportunities for hiking, biking, rock climbing, and other winter sports outside, as well as the cities of Nederland, Black Hawk, Boulder, Golden and Denver.
You’ll enjoy unwinding in your own hot tub and thinking back on your amazing evening after all of that. For a weekend stay or long, this location is ideal.
6. 6. Mountain Treehouse/Fire Pit &amp, Popular Tub, Upgrade
VRBO / Upscale Mountain Treehouse
This amazing room in the hills of Indian Hills, Colorado, will astound you. Despite appearing to be a million miles away from everything, this house is actually quite near to Denver; it takes less than 30 days to get city. There are plenty of cozy, shared areas for your party to spread out, unwind, and interact with one another. It has two bedrooms and can accommodate five guests.
Although it is not supported by trees, this room is regarded as a castle and is elevated. A hot tub, a oil fire pit, and beds can be found on the lower levels.
There is also room on the top balcony for outdoor seating and dining. You’ll get a beautiful home in, as well as an updated bathroom complete with walk-in showers and an amazing rainfall showerhead. In addition to Denver’s top restaurants, this room is also close to a number of top-notch neighborhood eateries, hiking trails, and Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.
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What factors if I consider when selecting a house?
You need to keep in mind that the word” room” can mean a variety of items when looking for cabins to hire everywhere. Some houses lack water and electricity and are extremely simple.
Some are premium residences with more facilities than your own. To ensure that you do n’t have any surprises when you arrive, make sure to read all the details in each description.
What time of year is ideal for booking a room close to Denver?
Booking a room close to Denver can be done at any time of year! There is nothing like spending an evening on a home’s door in the summer or next to an roaring fire in an inviting cabin during the winter in Colorado, which is stunning all year long. You’ll enjoy Colorado’s fall leaf during the autumn winter, and spring is a great time to get outside.
What tourist attractions you I visit while staying in a Denver room?
All of the aforementioned houses, some of which are much better to Denver, are within an hours of it. When staying in one of these lodging options, you’ll have access to all of the area’s attractions as long as you have a vehicle.
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