7x Special Lodging in Sweden

Welcome to Sweden, a country known for its rivers, hills, and trees. If you’re looking for unusual places to stay while traveling through Sweden, your search has come to fruition. You can have an unforgettable vacation thanks to Sweden’s wide selection of exceptional apartments. Sweden has it all, whether you want to sleep in a lovely castle, wake up in the middle of character, or go wild camping on your own island. We’ll show these unique locations for you in this article so you can get ideas for your upcoming journey.
Dreaming at the Treehotel among the branches
Have you ever wanted to stay in a gazebo to sleep? You may at the Swedish Treehotel! In the northeastern region of Sweden, this resort has 8 distinctive areas that were constructed in the shape of treehouses. You may sit in one of the many treehouses, including The Blue Cone, Biosphere, Bird’s Nest, The Ufo, Mirrorcube, Cabin, 7th Room, or Dragonfly.
Harads are in the area.
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Sit on a small area close to Stockholm
Staying on a private area will allow you to practice the Stockholm archipelago in an unusual and special approach. Idöborgs Stuguthyrning’s vacation homes are beautifully decorated and provide a lovely haven of peace for solitary days.
Nämdö is the place.
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Try the “72 Hour Glass Cabin” for yourself.
Sweden is renowned for its high standard of living, but what is its solution? Participants in demanding tasks spent 72 hours in crystal cabins in the middle of nature, according to a 2017 study. All respondents reported feeling up to 70 % less stressed, more inventive, and having lower blood pressure after their stay. The study emphasized the advantages of investing time in nature and made the case that leading a” close to nature” lifestyle can improve one’s health. Do you want to feel this impact firsthand? You’re able! The Dalsland, in eastern Sweden, is where the 72 Hour Cabins are situated.
Site: Dalsland
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Keep at a Special” Wilderness Camping” in the Wild

You can find the distinctive Nordic Woods station in Sweden, right on the edge of Snen National Park. Below, you’ll be in a roomy tipi tent with an expansive terrace that offers breathtaking views of the Swedish forests and the enormous lake. You can paddle around on your own during the day or add a guided hike through the trees. In the evening, unwind in the lake’s hot tub and baths, socialize with other visitors around a fire, or prepare an enticing food in front of your own fire pit. In this article about Nordic Woods, you may find out more information about the region.
Snen Park is the place.
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Invest in the Icehotel
In the north Swedish city of Jukkasjärvi, there is an Icehotel. The hotel offers rooms made entirely of ice in addition to hot ones. These chilly areas, which range in temperature from -5 to -8 degrees Fahrenheit, are all distinctive and furnished with handcrafted ice furniture. On rooms covered in deer hide, you’ll snooze in thermal sleeping luggage. In the morning, you may cozy up in the bath at the hotel. Are you looking forward to staying the night at this remarkable resort?
Inhabitant: Jukkasjärvi
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Keep in an Aurora Hut that is floating.
The Aurora houses are ideal for a one-of-a-kind be throughout the year in the breathtaking Arctic region. Perfect for the summertime evening sun, but also better for wintertime dreams under the North Lighting. These huts combine the luxury of a small kitchenette with gas hob, surround-sound speaker system, and Wi-Fi with an genuine outdoor experience.
Kiruna is the place
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On a Private Island, Wild Camping
We’ve already written a lengthy post with 6 ideas for wild traveling in Sweden because the country is unrivaled for it. Our best recommendation for wild traveling is to take The Canoe Trip into Sweden’s jungle. You’ll invest seven times paddling through Värmland with a paddle on your own, sleeping in the middle of nature, and exploring the most stunning locations.
Arjäng is the place.
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