9 billion solar sessions on New Year’s Day in China

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Prior to the Spring Festival, also known as the Lunar New Year, China started its largest annual community movement with the goal of breaking information for the number of adventures made.
About 9 billion passenger trips are expected to take place during the journey Lunar New Year jump time in 2024, according to the Transport Ministry of the People’s Republic of China.
The government estimates that about 80 % of the population, or similar to 7.2 billion trips, will be self-driving. The remaining 1.8 billion journeys will be spread out among legal aircraft, waterways, highways, and railroads.
The railroad system in China is expected to accommodate 480 million passengers during this travel season, according to an announcement from the country’s railway company. There will be 12 million daily trips on average, which is a significant increase of 37.9 % over last year. On Friday, the first day of the jump, it is anticipated that 10.6 million teach journeys will take place.
To reunite with their loved ones and returning to their communities, hundreds of millions of people will embark on a 40-day go wave known as chunyun.
This year’s Lunar New Year will last one evening more than the ones in past years, from February 10 to February 17. As the rising go desire coincides with the launch of accumulated wish for family gatherings, the lengthy duration of the holiday will further burden the nation’s transportation system. China: 9 Billion Trips Over Lunar New Year’s Holiday | eTurboNews |ETN
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