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Slovakia is n’t typically at the top of most people’s travel bottle lists when it comes to places to visit in Europe.
Before traveling, I knew nothing about Slovakia and had low aspirations. What a welcome shock lay in store, then.
It turns out to be a lovely country with so much to give. Image funds: DepositPhotos.com It’s a place full of buildings, thermal spas and caves as well as stunning infrastructure, not to mention plenty of opportunities for cross-country trekking in the winter.
Slovakia is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive holiday destinations and a real hidden gem because there is so much to do there.
Here are some of the major attractions you should include on your plan on a first-time visit to Slovakia if you’re unsure of what to do there.
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Activities To Do In Slovakia1. a trip to Bratislava2. Explore Dobinská Ice Cave, Medieval Hilltop Town of Levoca, Fun Water Adventure Park with Thermal Pools, Historic and Beautiful Spi Castle, and Amazed at Tricklandia3. Visit The High TatrasWalking and Hiking on the Enormous Trails. Go to Koice4. Bojnice Castle’s Admire Castle of Ghosts 5. At Domica Cave6, masterpiece. Visit Dolina7, Pania. Take a look at Orava Castle8. Visit Banská tiavnica9 to learn more about mine history. Slovak Paradise National ParkFinal ThoughtsSlovakia ToursMore Eastern European Travel Advice
Activities in Slovakia
1. Travel to Bratislava
Bratislava SlovakiaSlovakia, a landlocked nation of about 5.4 million persons in the European Union, is located in Eastern Europe. Before a friendly democracy in 1993, it was once the” Slovakia” in Czechoslovakia.
Since Bratislava is the investment of Slovakia and home to nearly 500,000 people, it is undoubtedly the busiest region of the nation and has a more vibrant environment.
For us, Bratislava struck us as being extremely romance. In order to learn more about past and get an orientation, we took a ferry down the renowned and stunning Danube River. The dark tourist tram also made stops at the famous castle to take in the stunning view of the city.
Visit the Old Town Hall while strolling through the historic district. In the circles, pause for a snack or beverage while joking around with the performers. Enjoy the most breathtaking view of the old city while the moon sets from a sundowner in the Sky Bar. Try some of their delectable Slovak cuisine, including the national dish of Slovakia, bryndzové haluky ( potato dumplings ), and scrumptious cocktails.
The fact that Bratislava edges Austria and Hungary is one of its best features. You can easily get day visits to other countries because it is only an hour’s drive from Vienna in Austria and a 3.5-hour push to Prague in the Czech Republic. Its location quickly makes it one of the top tourist destinations in Slovakia.
Test out some entertaining Bratislava trips with our spouse Viator.
2. Observe The High Tatras
Despite how beautiful Bratislava is, that was n’t the reason we came to Slovakia. We were moving toward greater levels. The spectacular 350-kilometer journey to Nová Lesná and the High Tatras began after we rented a car.
A national area called the High Tatras is located in a region of breathtaking natural beauty that encompasses the Alpine mountain range separating Poland and Slovakia.
It is a tourist heaven and one of the best places to visit in Slovakia thanks to its glacial rivers and mountains over 2500 meters!
We stayed in an apartment with views of the mountains in Nová Les ná, a charming small city that serves climbers and skiers in the summer and winter, respectively.
With so much to do, the High Tatras makes it simple to maintain all content. Trying to decide between all the wonderful stuff available was our biggest daily challenge.
These were the High Tatras routines that we cherished the most.
The Endless Roads for Hiking and Walking
The walking trails range from professional multi-day expeditions to 1-hour rings for young children.
Just keep in mind that the temperature can change quickly and you are in a great place.
We advise hiking the Strazyska Valley, which Poland shares with Zakopane, because it has a lovely river and some breathtaking mountain landscapes.
Always have the proper equipment, lots of water, and snacks on hand. Inform people of your destination.
String Boats on Glacier Lakes with Crystal Clear Water
We visited trbské Pleso, the second-largest lakes in the region, and if you do the similar.
The river, which is encircled by the Tatra Mountains, offers expansive canyon views as well as a chance to relax and relax.
You can unwind in this stunning alpine setting with peace and quiet despite the fact that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovakia and that the nation has a small population and only receives 500,000 visitors annually.
Make sure to visit the eatery by the lake for delicious freshly baked cakes and juice!
Investigate the Dobinská Ice Cave
As I previously mentioned, Slovakia is renowned for its rocks, and Dobinská is likely the cause of this. Miners found this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1870, and visitors to it have been mesmerized ever since.
It is one of the lowest snow caves in the world and has a degree of 960 feet.
The snow caves at Dobsinska are impressive, not just for their dimensions, but also for the way they are formed. The cave is thought to be covered in 8, 874 rectangular feet of snow, some of which may be away to 26.5 feet thick. Ice stalagmites and stalactites, frozen rivers, streams, and stunning glacier formations with varying shades of iced water are all visible.
As you can imagine from the name, it is freezing down it, so make sure you dress cordially. It furthermore faces north, but the gate receives a chilly weather.
You must simply take a guided tour, and it is only accessible to the general public from May to September.
Visit Levoca, a medieval hill area.
There are many charming medieval hill towns in Slovakia that are worth visiting.
Amazing views, Romanesque architecture, historical sites, and loving restaurants can all be found in Levoca. It’s the ideal setting for unwinding and taking in a peaceful way of life.
Despite having fewer than 14,500 people, the small town has a lot of appeal.
In its Romanesque cathedral, which Master Pavol of Levoa built, it also has the largest wooden alter in the world.
Visit a Infrared Pooled Fun Water Adventure Park.
We adored AquaCity, and visiting a infrared swimming while visiting Slovakia would be an absolute must-do. With 14 infrared and warmed pools, kid-friendly bends, and many other attractions, Aquacity combines a wellness spa with an aqua area.
The liquid is mineral-rich, containing more than 20 unique materials that are thought to be good for your health.
Given that the foods we ate below was essentially the only subpar dinner we had in Slovakia, we advise bringing a packed lunch with you.
They offer group deals and offers for online booking, so make sure to check before you go.
Visit Spi Castle, a Historical and Beautiful Site
One of the most stunning buildings in Slovakia, Spis Castle is encircled by fields and forests. It has appeared in a number of Hollywood films, including Dragonheart, Kull the Conqueror, and The Last Regiment.
Although it’s claimed that it was built on top of another tower that stood there before, Spis is the sixth-largest mansion in the nation and was constructed during the 12th century.
You can imagine how great and sumptuous it once was ( even though it is now a well-preserved damage ) because it was once the home of the original Kings and Queens of Hungary before it split.
Since 1993, it has been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.
The highest number of palaces and castles per capita in the world are dispersed throughout Slovakia’s stunning countryside, so if you enjoy driving there, you’ll love it.
Just from May to September is Spis Castle accessible.
astonish yourself at Tricklandia
Tricklandia Slovakia is a fun museum of physical illusions if you’re looking for things to do in Slovakia to get away from the rain.
It’s by no means the most thrilling appeal in Slovakia, but if you’ve never been to a museum like this, it does provide some hours of entertainment and the opportunity to take some unusual pictures.
3. Go to Koice
The second-largest town in Slovakia is Koice, which is a secret stone that is just waiting to be found.
A great fusion of history, tradition, and modernity can be found in this bustling city. It is situated in a lovely old city and is adorned with impressive landmarks like the gothic St. Elisabeth Cathedral, the central Lower Gate archaeological advanced, and Hlavné námestie ( the main plaza ).
Koice invites you to stroll through its charming medieval roads and take in its rich history.
4. Bojnice Castle ( Admire Castle of Spirits )
Bojnice Castle serves as a reminder of Slovakia’s rich architectural heritage and much past. Records dated it to the 12th century, making it the oldest tower in the nation.
With its seamless blending of Roman, Gothic, and Renaissance parts, this “fairy-tale” mansion is like stepping into the websites of a book.
The mansion is also the environment for some interesting local legends.
The Legend of the Black Lady is the most well-known of these, and it tells the ghostly tale of a former resident who was rescued by her ancestors ‘ spirits after being asked to demonstrate her virtue to her father by leaping off the highest tower into the pond below.
The breathtaking panoramic views from its travertine hill will astound you if the architecture does n’t.
Take a personal tour of Bojnice Castle right here!
5. 5. Amazing at Domica Cave
Another amazing cave structure in Slovakia is located in the Slovak Karst National Park. The park’s longest and most well-known bunker in the nation is the Domica Cave.
You’ll be in awe of the magnificent structures shaped over thousands of years as you walk through its sections and chambers.
Additionally, it is said that a variety of bat species and human inhabitants from the Neolithic era once lived in the grotto.
A truly distinctive and interesting physical sight is produced by the rock’s relationship of red and brown hues.
6. Visit Dolina, Pania
One of Slovakia’s most well-known resort towns, Pania Dolina | Deposit Photos is a former mine community renowned for its alluring beauty.
Pania Dolina was a prosperous town with many stunning structures to marvel at because of its long record of copper and silver metal mine.
Additionally, it is surrounded by nature, so if walking trails and lovely parks are what you’re looking for, you can find them around.
Check out the fluids pipeline; it’s a amazing celestial clock!
7. Visit Orava Castle.
Orava Castle is an outdoor museum that should n’t be missed because it is majestically perched on a high rock and looks out over the orava River.
This feudal fortress offers a trip back in time and is regarded as one of Slovakia’s most stunning and substantial castles.
Get in the expansive views from the castle windows as you stroll through the well-preserved hallways and patios.
8. 8. Study Mining History at Banskátiavnica.
Another charming town with a mine story is Banskátiavnica. Explore the area’s mine history at the Slovak Mining Museum, or take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the Old and New Castles.
Do n’t miss the Kammerhof and the Love Bank, two special attractions that enhance the charm of the town, or take in the tranquil Tajch Veká Vodárenské and Botanical Gardens to immerse yourself in nature.
If you want to venture off the beaten path, Banská tiavnica is a great destination to visit thanks to its unspoiled charm and serene atmosphere.
9. Visit the national park Czech Paradise.
Slovakia has nine national parks, but Slovak Paradise National Park is one that should n’t be overlooked.
This Slovakian national park, which is the country’s youngest, is home to breathtaking rivers, raging waterfalls. It also has gorges and canyons as well as difficult hikes that may leave you gasping for air.
There is much to explore in this national area, whether you want to move mountain biking or just unwind in the unspoiled nature, where cool streams and ferocious river carve their paths through the landscape.
Check out the Sucha Bela, Kysel, and Prielom Hornadu gorges as well.
Feelings for the day
I did n’t have high hopes for our ten-day vacation in Slovakia, but every moment of it astounded us, and we left feeling rejuvenated and renewed.
Discovering a buried stone is an exhilarating experience, and for us, Slovakia is it.
We’ll get returning, in part because so many of the citizens we spoke with advised visiting another region of Slovakia, which they rightfully claim to be the most “must see” in their nation.
Tours of Slovakia
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