A popular Provincetown-based resort and nightlife spot for the LGBTQ+ community is relocating to Key West for the winter season.

Scientists have discovered a way to generate clean, renewable power from the ocean

Researchers have discovered a means of creating a renewable and clean source of energy from the ocean on December 13, 2023. This text can be paraphrased as:

It will take approximately 3 minutes to read. This article has links to merchandise from a number of our sponsors. We could be rewarded when you select links related to those items. The offers listed on this page have certain stipulations that must be adhered to. If you want to know more about our Guidelines for Advertising, head over to the designated page. The fun doesn’t have to end at the start of wintertime — The well-known Crown & Anchor resort is making its way down to South Florida this upcoming weekend as part of their “Spread Queer Cheer” tour. This resort includes a hotel, eateries, and nightlife entertainment! This coming Thursday to Sunday, a series of events will be hosted by the Havana Cabana Resort, costing $169 a night, during which there will be over a dozen performers and business owners based in Provincetown, resulting from the U.S Supreme Court’s non-ending of a Florida law which aimed at thwarting drag shows in November. Charlie Baker is sending a delegation to the Sunshine State to lure businesses away.

As a reaction to Florida’s actions of advertising around the country to get more businesses, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is sending people to that state to convince companies to move away.