A-ROSA expands Themed Breaks for 2024

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A-ROSA River Cruises has expanded its collection of themed cruises for 2024 to offer its biggest programme to date. New themes now on sale include Dance, Jazz & Swing and Beauty & Spa alongside the existing themes of Yoga & Nutrition, Meditation, Create & Illustrate and Photography.

During each cruise, guests are joined onboard by coaches or artists and each specialist themed itinerary involves either workshops, lectures and/or evening entertainment to ensure guests return home enriched by their chosen theme. Available on the Rhine and Danube rivers on selected departure dates in March and November 2024, each cruise has a five-night duration. And here’s a treat: 30 percent off the cruise fare can be enjoyed by entering the special code “HALLOWEEN” in the A-ROSA booking engine. This code is valid for all 2024 bookings (except Culinary Highlights departures) made from today until 31 October.

New Themes include:

DANCE – Dancing shoes at the ready on this cruise. It is hosted by Michael Theissen, who will help dancers of all levels get into their groove with two popular dance styles. Join him for two line-dancing lessons, plus a disco lesson as well as themed evenings made for showing off newly learned moves. There is also the chance to delve a little more into the history of dance too, with an insightful talk one evening. A-ROSA SENA is the perfect ship for this cruise as her view-wrapped lounge boasts a large dance floor and of course an extra-large spa for relaxing those muscles afterwards. This five-night cruise sails on the Rhine, departing on 20 March 2024 and 27 November 2024.

JAZZ & SWING – This new cruise plays host to international jazz supremos ‘The Mood Messengers’. This talented group will take guests on a musical journey into the world of Jazz and Swing and host two evening concerts where everyone can enjoy their stellar repertoire. With a back catalogue encompassing jazz ballads, sensual bossa nova, danceable swing and jazz interpretations of pop favourites this cruise combines stunning sights by day with unforgettable evenings of music. This five-night cruise departs on the Rhine on A-ROSA AQUA on 03 November and A-ROSA FLORA on the Danube on 19 November 2024.

BEAUTY & SPA – Dive into a brand new and extra special departure focussed on all things beauty and spa aboard the stunning A-ROSA SENA. Hosted by Thalasso expert Ingrid Breyer in cooperation with marine cosmetic powerhouse Thalgo, this journey uncovers the secrets to beauty from the inside out with a combination of fascinating lectures and workshops on topics such as holistic beauty and conscious anti-ageing, an enhanced programme of onboard beauty treatments and exercise and the chance to try the latest in Thalgo’s award-winning marine-inspired product range. This five-night cruise sails on the Rhine, departing on 12 November 2024 on board A-ROSA SENA.

Returning Themes include:

YOGA & NUTRITION – Take a step back from the day-to-day with this mini cruise. This five-night journey includes daily yoga classes and insightful talks on fitness, health and nutrition designed to relax, invigorate and bring guests back to their centre. Host is Ulrike Homuth, a renowned Health & Lifestyle Coach and certified Anusara yoga teacher. She will guide guests through yoga sessions set against stunning backdrops, delve deeper into lifestyle choices to improve stress levels, sleep and diet and offer tailored takeaways using a blend of new approaches and ancient techniques. This five-night cruise sails on the Rhine, departing on 25 March 2024 on board A-ROSA SENA and on the Danube with A-ROSA FLORA on 09 November.

MEDITATION – On these meditation themed cruises guests are invited to find their inner calm and escape everyday life as they join mindfulness coach Fabienne Bill, when she delves deeper into their inner self. The expert on mental wellbeing will encourage guests to take time for just themselves during onboard meditation classes and will provide them with reflection exercises to contemplate while ashore. In her workshops she explores topics such as resilience, emotions and mindfulness. This five-night cruise departs with A-ROSA SENA on the Rhine on 07 November and 22 November.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Photography themed sailings are a great choice for guests who want to be able to take a perfect holiday photo and who are keen to learn how to best compose it. Guests will be joined by photographer Lisa Stelzel and learn top tips along the way. As Vienna Native the blogger knows the city’s most instagrammable hidden places and will take guests on photo tours through her city as well as Swiss gem Linz. Everyone following along will find out how to turn their camera or smartphone into a tool that will let them take gorgeous snapshots of the ever-changing scenery that unfolds constantly around them. This five-night cruise sails on the Danube with A-ROSA FLORA on 30 October and 4 November.

CREATE & ILLUSTRATE – These crafty cruises allow guests to get their creative juices flowing against the backdrop of stunning river scenery. Expert illustrator, Tanja Meyer, will join sailings which will include a range of hosted onboard workshops for everyone to enjoy. With the help of the illustrator’s templates, guests can design bags and postcards to take home as a constant reminder of their creative journey. This five-night cruise departs on the Rhine with A-ROSA BRAVA on 02 November as well as 07 November.


The post A-ROSA expands Themed Breaks for 2024 appeared first on Brand TD.