A Tourism Diplomatic Coup in Saudi Arabia Today

A new geo-political map was drawn as to how Caribbean countries view the world when it comes to investments and tourism. This chapter was opened in the Saudi Arabian capital city of Riyadh.

This is indeed a tourism diplomatic coup by two tourism ministers from two ends of the world with different cultural and religious backgrounds held together by the glue of tourism, a common vision, and a determination of steel. This was the evaluation by an eTurboNews contact attending today’s meetings in Riyadh.

Caribbean & Saudi Arabia made history at the first CARICOM meeting in the Kingdom.

Tourism was high on the agenda today.

Caribbean nations’ main export is tourism, and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is to transform the Kingdom from oil dependency. Tourism plays a major role, and hosting World EXPO 2030 in Riyadh is high on the wish list, and the support by Caribbean nations were welcomed in support of Riyadh as a venue.

HE Ahmed Al-Khateeb said on X: “The presidency of His Highness, the Crown Prince – may God protect him – for the business, enhances opportunities for economic growth and investment partnership between the countries of the two regions, and confirms the Kingdom’s efforts and serious desire towards climate change and the importance of strengthening international cooperation to achieve global security and environmental sustainability.”

Today His Royal Highness Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, the man behind Vision 2030, addressed tourism ministers, industry professionals, and leaders in Riyadh, prompting the Hon. Minister of Tourism for Jamaica, Edmund Bartlett, to conclude:

Tourism is a tool for peace and soft diplomacy!

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Tourism HE Ahmed Al-Khateeb explained in a second post on X:

“On the sidelines, leaders of the region’s countries met with private sector companies to discuss pioneering and promising investment opportunities. This confirms that the Kingdom, under the guidance of its wise leadership – may God protect it – and the ambition of its private sector, is capable of achieving positive and sustainable change and ensuring the prosperity and development of the world.”

Private sector investments: Saudi Arabia – Caribbean

The minister continued: “The meeting between Caribbean leaders and #SaudiArabia’s private sector companies unveiled promising investment opportunities. The Kingdom’s thriving private sector is aiming to leverage these opportunities and drive sustainable change, ensuring global prosperity and development.

Two proud pioneers behind the KSA – Caribbean tourism cooperation

From the first dance between the two ministers on September 21, 2021, it took only a little more than 3 years for today’s historic moment in the Saudi-Caribbean partnership, which has global relevance on so many fronts, including Global Tourism Resilience Day recognized by the United Nations.

Two friends, and proud tourism ministers of Saudi Arabia and Jamaica, who are seen as the pioneers in bringing the world back after COVID with cooperation, assistance, and leadership summarized the end of today’s meeting:

We are so happy we were able to play a role in this historic moment!
Indeed it’s a tourism diplomatic doup!! KSA & Caribbean! Ahmed and Ed!

Hon. Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica

SOURCE: A Tourism Diplomatic Coup in Saudi Arabia Today