AAA: Almost 44 million Americans plan to travel this Memorial Day weekend

According to AAA, 43.8 million Americans may travel 50 or more miles from home, which is an increase of 4 percent from last year and surpasses pre-pandemic estimates. This approaches the 2005 history of 44 million Memorial Day weekend travellers. APPROXIMATELY 43.8 MILLION Americans will go 50 miles or more from house, surpassing pre- epidemic figures, according to a projection by AAA. This is a 4 percent increase over the previous year and closes the history of 44 million Memorial Day trip travellers from 2005. Expectations for a document 38.4 million vehicles to travel, which is the highest number since AAA began tracking in 2000. ” We have n’t seen Memorial Day weekend travel numbers like these in almost 20 years”, said Paula Twidale, AAA Travel’s senior vice president. This holiday trip is expected to have an additional one million people traveling, which means we are overexceeding pre-pandemic levels and also indicates a very hectic summer vacation season back, according to the auto club. Some people find traveling by car appealing because of the ease and flexibility it offers. While fuel costs remain stable compared to last year, hovering around$ 3.57 per quart, AAA cautioned that they could rise more. Oil markets could be under pressure from fluctuating fuel prices, which may be impacted by political conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine. AAA’s car hire companion Hertz identified Orlando, Denver, Atlanta, Boston and Las Vegas as the cities experiencing the highest rental demand. The busiest get- up nights are projected to remain Thursday, May 23, and Friday, May 24, according to Hertz. This holiday weekend, according to AAA, will have 3.51 million air travellers, which is a 4.8 % increase over the previous month and a 9 % increase over 2019. This will be the busiest Memorial Day trip at flights since 2005, when 3.64 million flew for the trip following the travel industry’s write-up- 9/11 rise. The prices for domestic flights are up 1 to 2 percent, with AAA scheduling data showing a similar increase in atmosphere ticket prices for Memorial Day weekend. Nearly two million people are expected to go by different modes of transportation, including cars, vacations, and trains, AAA said. It projects 1.9 million people will take these various modes of transportation, an increase of 5.6 percent compared to last year. With fewer people using public transportation or never cruising at all, this category suffered the biggest strike during the pandemic, Twidale continued. ” Today, five years later, we’re up to 2019 numbers. Traveling need has been soaring, and long trip vacation create the perfect windows for getaways “.This Memorial Day weekend, vacationers are heading to theme parks and amusement venues in Orlando, New York, Las Vegas and Southern California. Seattle, Anchorage, and Vancouver are common sites due to the popularity of Alaska cruises during this time. Secondly, Florida beaches and cruise ships are expected to be buzzing. In December, AAA forecasted about 115.2 million travelers had trip 50 miles or more from house during the 10- time year- end holiday travel period. This was the second-highest year-end travel forecast since AAA began tracking holiday travel in 2000, up 2.2 % from the previous year.