According to AAA, more than 6 million Citizens will go over the Christmas holiday.

TAMPA, Fla. 23, and Wednesday, Dec. 27.

On Saturday, AAA predicted that over 6 million Floridians will be hitting the roads and airports during the upcoming Christmas holiday season, the highest number in history. Mark Jenkins, a AAA spokesperson, noted that having Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on Mondays this year makes weekend travel more convenient. Saturday, December 23 and Wednesday, December 27 are expected to have the highest number of travelers on the roads. December 23rd, Thursday. 29, will remain the same.

Friday, December 28th, and Saturday, December 29th, will stay as they are. However, it may be very useful when something unexpected happens,” Jenkins added..

Jenkins advised that if you’re planning a road trip, it would be beneficial to the trip to leave either before lunch or after dinner. When it comes to flying, he warned that airports could be crowded. As a result of the significant winter storm last year, many people were stuck in airports across the nation. To be as prepared as possible, Jenkins urged people to buy travel insurance even when they might think it’s unnecessary; he commented that it may be beneficial if an unexpected event happens. Jenkins emphasized the importance of having travel insurance if you ever become stranded in the airport.