According to dangerous weather conditions, Monroe County is on the journey consulting list.

Monroe County was placed on a journey advice by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security until more see. This means that due to the circumstances brought on by dangerous snow and wind, routine journey or actions may be restricted in some areas. Locals are advised to use precaution or stay far away from the locations. You can view the DHS County Travel Status Map below. Additionally, the NWS issued a wind chill expert on Saturday nights between 7 and 1 p.m. Sunday at m. With as little as 30 days of body contact, these wind chills, which are predicted to be as lower as -13 F, can result in hypothermia. On Sunday night, there is a small chance of flurries, with lows of about 2 F. Winds will die down slightly into Monday as the pressure gradient relaxes, but they should tighten again up into Tuesday as another push of cool air arrives from the northwest. Sunday will be largely sunshine and warm with an average high of close to8F. Tuesday is a mix of cold and sunshine, while Monday follows suit with cool temperatures and the possibility of snow showers after 1 p.m. Air temperatures may be low enough to reach weather chill consulting levels of 5F or lower even with less wind. The weather on Wednesday will be beautiful with a high of close to 25 degrees and lows of around 19 degrees. Snow showers may gain on Thursday and Friday, with temperatures ranging from 21 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Warming facilities are accessible from 8 a.m. to 6 p. m on January 13 through 20 according to the Monroe County site. You can find a chart these showing all the heat station locations. Through the neighborhood weather stations and NWS live monitors, people can monitor weather forecasts. You can find essential alerts around.