According to reports, these are the best six attractions in North America. To Americans Travelers

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Being a frequent traveler has many benefits, one of which is getting to see some of the world’s top attractions firsthand. Next Updated 5 moments ago.
The magical temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, and the old Roman pools in Britain all draw large numbers of British tourists.
What about North America’s top tourist destinations right outside our front door? Which are the people you should take the time to view?
Some solutions can be found in a recent report from the vacation rental business Casago.
According to reviews from American tourists, Casago has ranked the top tourist destinations in North America. The rankings may surprise ( or even inspire ) you.
6 ) Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro Volcano
The Cerro Negro Volcano in Nicaragua is a sight to behold, and it is located about 15 miles from the city of Leon.
Due to its jet-black slopes created from the dust and volcanic rock of earlier eruptions, this imperious volcano, which is 2, 388 feet high, stands out against the background.
This is a fantastic destination for those who enjoy beautiful surroundings and are beginning geologists, but it’s also perfect for thrill-seekers who want to speed down the sand cliffs.
Have another justification for going? With an estimated average daily spending for guests of approximately$ 55, Nicaragua is by far one of the least expensive nations in the area.
Central Park, New York, fifth
The 840-acre playground that runs through Manhattan is arguably the most well-known area in the world.
Of course, I’m referring to New York City’s Central Park, which is the only American tourist destination to rank among the top six.
A world-famous park, a gondola, and an outdoor boathouse where you can hire boats to cross the lake can all be found in Central Park, making it an excellent location for walking, running, or taking it to relax.
The sights Central Park offers of some of New York’s most recognizable structures are among its best features.
Mexico’s Museo Nacional de Antropology, number four
The Museo Nacional de Antropologia is the national museum of Mexico and is well worth including on your travelitinerary. It is situated only over a mile east of the Angel of Independence monument in ever-popular Mexico City.
The museum displays some of Mexico’s most fascinating historical and historical artifacts across an exhibition area of more than 800,000 flat feet.
The museum is currently hosting limited-time exhibitions on the themes of apocalypse and Chac Mool by Sebastian, and the entry fee is 95 Mexican Pesos ( roughly$ 5).
Canada’s Old Quebec
A remarkable well-preserved fortified town with elaborate colonial layout that dates back more than 400 years is this UNESCO World Heritage site.
They refer to this area of the city as” the origin of French North America,” and it’s simple to understand why when you visit a few of Petit-Champlain Street and its charming shops, bakeries, and indie shops.
Old Quebec is near to a charming harbor, making it an ideal location to observe sunrises or sunsets as they cast bright illumination over the stunning structures in the background.
This special interest may undoubtedly contribute to why Canada is consistently one of the most popular travel destinations for Americans.
Canada’s Horseshoe Falls, second
One of the main rivers that makes up Niagara Falls is Horseshoe Falls, in case you’re not familiar with it.
Horseshoe, which is a famous tourist destination on the French area, receives more than 8 million visitors each year.
Although it may seem like a clichéd and possibly underrated destination, British travelers gave it the second-highest average report in this study.
The falls themselves are something that everyone should see at least once, despite the somewhat garish character of the local town.
First, Tikal, Guatemala
You might be surprised to learn that the underappreciated country of Guatemala is the top-rated interest in North America for American tourists.
However, you might start to comprehend once you see the beautiful churches and remains of Tikal National Park in the nation’s far north.
One of the best places to see what old Maya society was like is here, where the temples rise above a thick forests.
Additionally, it is relatively simple to get to because Tikal is only about an hour’s drive away from a small aircraft in the town of Reyes, which is located on the shores of Lake Peten Itza.
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