After 18 KillingsReported This Month, US Alerts Bahamas Travelers

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People are advised against traveling to the island country this spring by the US consulate in the Bahamas in a journey advisory. Concerns about traveler safety have been raised by a spike in violence, with 18 killings reported in January, mainly attributed to gang-related activities. The seriousness of the situation was emphasized by US officials, who advised against making any attempt to “physically avoid” assault. Travelers were urged to rethink their plans for a vacation in the Caribbean. 18 killings have taken place in Nassau since the beginning of 2024, according to the US Embassy there. Deaths have happened on the roads in broad light at all time. The consulate stated in a release that 2024 deaths were primarily caused by hostile gang crime. Visitors are advised to exercise more caution when driving or walking at night, with the US emphasizing the importance of maintaining a lower profile, being aware of one’s surroundings, and avoiding attempts at robbery. In light of the region’s growing safety concerns, travelers are advised to review and update their personal security programs. According to the Nassau Guardian, Philip Davis, the primary minister of the Bahamas, announced measures to address the problems, including obstacles and secret police activities. The social benefit of having our roads made safer and our lives less tarnished by crime and other violent acts, he said, “may cause you to be late for your meetings or delay your plans, but this is a small price to pay.” Uncontrolled water activities are another concern for authorities, who claim they may not have safety precautions. The State Department emphasized that some boats have historically made difficult decisions. Professional boat operators can operate their boats in spite of weather forecasts, which can occasionally result in fatalities and injuries. The State Department’s journey advisory for Jamaica was previously increased to levels three out of four, indicating a “reconsider travel” recommendation; the only more serious threat was to “do not go.” The office lists frequent instances of violent crimes, such as homicides, armed robberies, and sexual assaults. The declaration cautioned that sexual assaults happen often, including at all-inclusive resorts. Travelers are advised to use precaution and change their travel plans before visiting Jamaica.