After being admitted to the hospital, US Defense Secretary Austin cancels his trip.

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After being admitted to a vital care system and having to hand over his responsibilities to his lieutenant, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has canceled his journey to Brussels, where he was scheduled to attend meetings with other NATO security officials. For” indicators suggesting an evolving urine matter,” Austin, 70, was taken to Walter Reed Military Medical Center on Sunday. Austin had neglected to disclose having penile cancer surgery in December and being hospitalized as a result of its consequences in January. Austin was scheduled to leave for a separate conference with allies on how to maintain assisting Ukraine in fending off Russia’s invasion as well as the NATO meeting of defense ministers in Brussels. The Ukraine call group, a meeting on Ukraine’s defense needs, would be held basically, according to the official, who spoke under the condition of anonymity. Austin’s stay in the hospital was uncertain, but he has given his responsibilities to Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks. &# 13,