After Lunar New Year’s Break, Foreign go shares increase.

After federal data showed strong domestic travel during the week-long Lunar New Year split, By Tracy QuChinese go shares traded higher on Monday. China Tourism Group Duty Free Corp increased 1.2 % on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Tongcheng Travel Holdings increased by 1.8 % in Hong Kong, while rose by 0.2 %. After a week-long break for the Lunar New Year, the mainland markets resumed operations on Monday. Before the market was hit by Covid- 19, data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism released on Sunday showed that there were 474 million domestic tourism journeys across the nation during the eight-day vacation, up 34.3 % from that time last year and 19 % higher than the same time in 2019. According to the data, there were approximately 6.83 million tourists trips, including 3.23 million email and 3.6 million outbound. Due to the Lunar New Year go need and next week’s small base, Citi analysts predicted that travel companies would likely experience a strong on-year growth in online traveling revenue in the first quarter. Send a letter to Tracy Qu at terry. [email protected]