Air India and Alaska Airlines Form Interline Partnership

Air India has formed an interline partnership with Alaska Airlines, enabling Air India customers to access convenient connections from multiple U.S. and Canadian cities to 32 destinations within the USA, Mexico, and Canada via Alaska Airlines’ network.

An interline arrangement involves an agreement to issue and accept tickets for flights operated by partner airlines, utilizing the operating airlines’ flight numbers when selling these interline tickets.

The partnership encompasses bilateral interlining, enabling both airlines to sell tickets on each other’s networks. Additionally, they have established a Special Prorate Agreement, allowing Air India to offer “through fares” that cover all destinations in an itinerary with a single fare on routes within Alaska Airlines’ network. This streamlines the booking process for passengers.

Air India, owned by the Tata Group, is in the process of expanding its operations in both the domestic and international markets.

SOURCE: Air India and Alaska Airlines Form Interline Partnership