Air India and Sabre Sign Distribution Deal

Air India and Sabre Corporation have signed an enhanced distribution deal under which, travel agencies in India will have access to Air India’s expansive domestic content through the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS) from 1 January 2024, offering Indian travel buyers an expanded portfolio of fares and seats to better serve their customers.

Air India also has the added ability to distribute New Distribution Capability (NDC) content globally through Sabre’s travel marketplace in the future.

Earlier this year, the two companies signed a new distribution deal that provided travel buyers globally with access to Air India content through Sabre’s travel marketplace. That agreement gave travel agencies outside of India access to Air India’s domestic and inter¬national flight options, while agencies within India could shop international fares. That agreement has now been expanded to include the carrier’s domestic content for points of sale within India.

SOURCE: Air India and Sabre Sign Distribution Deal