Air India has launched a come-back plan, which includes introducing new uniforms, in spite of its struggles with long-standing losses.


Air India, which was heavily in debt and reliant on government funding, is undergoing a significant change to become a prestigious airline that is inspired by Indian culture. On Tuesday, Air India publicized their brand-new collection of uniforms crafted by fashion designer Manish Malhotra. The uniforms are designed to be worn by both the cabin and cockpit personnel. Produced in Manish Malhotra’s Mumbai studio, the brand-new uniforms show off an abundance of colors and classic incrustations. The release from the airline noted an uncommon fusion of Indian tradition and modern-day class, attractiveness, and coziness. Air India is going to start using its newly designed uniforms when it acquires its first Airbus A4703 aircraft, with the rollout happening gradually over the upcoming months. This color palette, with its hues of dark red, maroon, and accents of gold, is meant to pay respect to India’s varied cultural heritage. The airline and the designer worked together with people from the cabin crew and the in-flight Services team to make the designs, examining them attentively prior to choosing the new uniforms. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Air India was in major trouble as a state-run company.