Air Zimbabwe Increases Fleet to Increase Tourism and Economy

With the recent merger of two new plane, the national airline Air Zimbabwe has significantly increased the size of its fleet.
A 50-seater Embraer ERJ 145 local plane and a reconditioned Boeing 737 aircraft have both been welcomed by the state-owned carrier, Air Zimbabwe.
The improvement of both local and regional journey services is made possible by the introduction of these aircraft.
The Embraer ERJ 145 flight will run regular flights between Harare, the nation’s capital, and Victoria Falls, a well-known tourist destination. This service serves as a crucial link for foreign visitors anxious to see the breathtaking Victoria Falls in addition to connecting two major national hubs.
The Boeing 737, which has undergone extensive renovations since its last flight in 2016, will also operate on local roads. In particular, it may make flights between Harare and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, better enhancing trade and regional communication.
The wider economic goals of Zimbabwe, which aim to lessen the effects of sanctions and other financial difficulties, are aligned with this corporate expansion. The nation wants to take advantage of the potential of commerce and industry by investing in its aviation sector, utilizing Air Zimbabwe as a major factor in promoting economic growth.
Air Zimbabwe made incremental improvement despite starting a return plan in past years. The success of this strategy depends on elements like customer satisfaction and assistance dependability.
Air Zimbabwe hopes to strengthen its course community, increase stability, and increase flight consistency with the addition of the new plane, positioning itself for long-term expansion and resilience in the aviation sector. SOURCE: Air Zimbabwe Increases Fleet to Increase Economy and Tourism | eTurboNews |ETN