Airbus or Boeing?

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By the end of 2022 French and Germany based Airbus was the winner. Airbus is now the official leader over its US based competitor Boeing.

Boeing is still recovering from two deadly B737 MAX crashes.

With a total of 1,078 gross new orders in 2022, Airbus delivered 661 commercial aircraft. As annual demand for commercial aircraft increased beyond 2020, the Toulouse, based manufacturer’s backlog increased to 7,239 aircraft by year’s end. Airbus has increased its order backlog by 177 aircraft after boosting its deliveries by 50 compared to the previous year.

The A320 series continued to be the company’s bread and butter. The aircraft manufacturer delivered 252 Airbus A319s, A320s, and 264 Airbus A321s. Fifty-three A220s were also sold to various customers throughout the world. The A321 is now Airbus’ best-selling single-aisle jet, having surpassed the A319 and A320, the two smaller members of the A320 family. This represents a 40-aircraft increase over the previous year. In 2022, the manufacturer lowered its A319 and A320 deliveries by 10.

The first A321 began to roll off the Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Tianjin, China, in November 2022. Additionally, the European company, now building the A220 and A320 series of aeroplanes in Mobile, Alabama, intends to instal another FAL there. By 2025, we anticipate having the new production line operational. A total of 65 A319s, A320s, and A321s are expected to be produced by Airbus in 2023, with production rising to 75 by the middle of the decade.

The original equipment manufacturer failed to meet its target of delivering 700 aircraft in 2022. Airbus confirmed it would miss the target in December 2022, giving “a challenging operational environment” as the reason. Throughout the supply chain, vendors had difficulties due to labour and COVID-19-related concerns, which caused delays in shipments.

However, the company stated in December 2022 that it would maintain its previous financial projection for the year regardless of whether or not the target was met. According to its most recent financial statistics, as of 30 September 2022, Airbus projected an EBIT adjusted of €5.5 billion ($5.9 billion) and a Free Cash Flow (before M&A and Customer Financing) of €4.5 billion ($4.8 billion) for 2022.

Boeing was in a precarious situation before the COVID-19 pandemic further impacted demand for aeroplanes from all manufacturers. U.S. OEM was severely affected by the March 2019–late 2020/early 2021 737 MAX groundings and the May 2021–August 2022 787 manufacturing troubles that caused a halt in wide-body aircraft deliveries. Thus, in 2022, Boeing delivered 480 aeroplanes, an increase of 140 over the year before.

Although, that year is considered a year of recovery for the US OEM. Boeing spent the year trying to get back to normal after experiencing supply chain problems comparable to those of its European competitor.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) CEO and President Stan Deal revealed the company’s fiscal year 2022 results on 10 January 2023, saying, “We worked hard in 2022 to stabilise 737 output, resume 787 deliveries, introduce the 777-8 Freighter, and most importantly, satisfy our customer obligations.” This company delivered 69 aeroplanes in December, 53 of which were 737 MAXs. 14 percent of all 2022 deliveries may be attributed to this month’s outcomes.

The market for wide-body aircraft is one in which Boeing has maintained a lead. Boeing sent off 93 wide-body planes despite being unable to deliver Dreamliners for the first eight months of the year, while Airbus delivered 92 twin-aisle jets after pulling two Airbus A350s meant for Aeroflot owing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, in the business sector, 213 orders went to the American manufacturer, while Airbus received 63 orders, including 24 for its brand-new A350F cargo-only plane.

According to Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury, the market for the company’s biggest commercial planes will improve in 2023 and 2024.

United Airlines placed a massive order with Boeing in December 2022 for a hundred 737 MAXs and a hundred 787s.

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