Allegiant Reports August 2022 Traffic

Allegiant Travel Company today reported preliminary passenger traffic results for August 2022.

“As we’ve exited peak summer-travel season, the demand environment has remained strong,” stated Drew Wells, senior vice president, revenue. “We finished August with a nearly two-point improvement in loads compared to August of 2019, on 14.6 percent more capacity. We were on track to exceed our revenue guide of up 29 percent, year over three-year. However, the impacts from Hurricane Ian have resulted in the cancellation of the majority of our flights touching Florida over the course of the next few days. Although the situation is still developing, we believe the impacts from Ian will bring down our revenue guide by 1.5 percentage points.”

“Over the past several days our HQ and Florida based team members have been preparing for Hurricane Ian,” stated Gregory Anderson, president and chief financial officer. “We communicated early with customers and provided re-accommodations at no charge, including refunds to give them time to adjust travel plans. We also repositioned aircraft out of the Florida area and provided options for our team members, their families, and pets to find shelter in other bases. The Sunseeker teams have worked around the clock to help safeguard the resort. We are extremely proud of the teamwork from all our team members and service providers to ensure the safest environment possible as we wait for the final impact of Hurricane Ian.

While the overall financial and operational impacts are yet to be determined, we have updated our quarterly guidance to include these expected headwinds, as shown in the table below.”

System ASMs – year over three-year change1~16%~14.5%
Scheduled service ASMs – year over three-year change1~18%~17%
Total operating revenue – year over three-year change1~29%~27.5%
Operating CASM, excluding fuel – year over three-year change1 2~10%13 to 14%
Full-year 2022 interest expense$85 to $95$95 to $100
Loss on extinguishment of debt3N/A$4.9 million
Fuel cost per gallon$3.80$3.87

Scheduled Service – Year Over Three-Year Comparison

August 2022August 2019Change
Passengers1,379,0711,241,84611.1 %
Revenue passenger miles (000)1,223,4271,047,56816.8 %
Available seat miles (000)1,408,5971,229,54314.6 %
Load factor86.9 %85.2 %1.7pts
Departures9,2878,7685.9 %
Average stage length (miles)  859  822  4.5 %  

Total System* – Year Over Three-Year Comparison

August 2022August 2019Change
Passengers1,386,1491,256,71210.3 %
Available seat miles (000)1,444,6261,306,86010.5 %
Departures9,5679,2942.9 %
Average stage length (miles) 855 824 3.8 % 

Scheduled Service – Year Over Year Comparison

August 2022August 2021Change
Passengers1,379,0711,179,41416.9 %
Revenue passenger miles (000)1,223,4271,021,61319.8 %
Available seat miles (000)1,408,5971,377,3982.3 %
Load factor86.9 %74.2 %12.7pts
Departures9,2879,451(1.7 %)
Average stage length (miles)  859  835  2.9 %  

Total System* – Year Over Year Comparison

August 2022August 2021Change
Passengers1,386,1491,185,94416.9 %
Available seat miles (000)1,444,6261,408,5542.6 %
Departures9,5679,725(1.6 %)
Average stage length (miles)  855  830  3.0 %  

*Total system includes scheduled service and fixed fee contract.  System revenue passenger miles and system load factor are not useful statistics as system available seat miles include both ASMs flown by fixed fee flying as well as non-revenue producing repositioning flights used for operational needs. Fixed fee flying is better measured through dollar contribution versus operational statistics.

Preliminary Financial Results

$ per gallon
August 2022 estimated average fuel cost per gallon – system$3.66

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