An Iranian bank guard has been put to death for the killing of a revered conservative cleric who passed away in the midst of protests in 2018

On Wednesday, the Islamic Republic of Iran carried out the execution of a bank guard who had been found guilty of the killing of the senior ayatollah Abbas Ali Soleimani in April. For months, the country had witnessed demonstrations and a heavy security response. A commotion was caused subsequent to the decease of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old, while in detention of the morality law enforcers of the nation. The protests over Amini’s passing, driven by fury, finally abated around the beginning of 2021. According to news from the government, the execution occurred in Babol, a place in Mazandaran province in northern Iran. The victim’s relatives were present at the event. In May, the man was condemned to die, and the Supreme Court reaffirmed the judgment. No specific details were given, but hanging is usually used to carry out executions in Iran. Top Stories. . Check out more content from .