As drop repair develops, Highway 1 to Big Sur opens to around-the-clock vacation.

In this provided by the California Department of Transportation, a portion of Highway 1 are- opened, Friday, May 17, 2024, in Big Sur, Calif., after fixes were made following wind damage. A part of the scenic Highway 1 in California’s Big Sur coastline reopened to around-the-clock traffic on Friday after stabilizing a storm-related rockslide that slammed a portion of the highway into the ocean and hampered tourism. The California Department of Transportation claims that the distance has not yet been filled, but a momentary sign system was put in place to allow alternating north-south prospects on the unharmed street after the selection of steel and concrete into the mountain. Eight days earlier than expected and just in time for summertime go, the reopening occurred. Californians have had unlimited access to Highway 1 because our personnel have been working non-stop for the past month and a half, according to Caltrans Director Tony Tavares in a speech this year. Big Sur is a 90- hour ( 145- mile ) stretch of the country’s northern seacoast where mist, forested hills rise away from the sea. A large portion of the bridge is perched large on rocks, offering breathtaking views. Related Reports

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Highway 1 is typically required for California visitors traveling between Los Angeles and San Francisco, but past landslides have previously caused significant damage, making the view from the northeast the city’s backbone. However, the approach to Big Sur from the west has long been obstructed by these landslides, making it the town’s crutch. After heavy rains, a rockslide south of Monterey on March 30 caused about 6 feet ( nearly 2 meters ) of the southbound lane and a retaining wall that supported the highway to fall about 170 feet ( 52 meters ) to the ocean below. Caltrans determined that the other lane was navigable, but convoys were only allowed to travel in and out of Big Sur twice daily. Initially, only residents and essential workers were allowed to join the convoys. A crane had to be removed each time to make room for the convoys, said Kevin Drabinski, a Caltrans spokesperson. The Big Sur Chamber of Commerce president, Kirk Gafill, reported to the San Francisco Chronicle in April that the total losses to Big Sur businesses have been more than$ 1 million per day. According to Caltrans, a permanent repair of the highway is being worked on, and it is anticipated to be finished in spring 2025.

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