As part of the High Rise Bridge project, a fourth travel lane is opening on I- 64.

Jimmy LaRoue is the author.

posted at 12:22 AM EST on February 17, 2024.

Updated: 12: 24 AM EST on February 17, 2024.


Interstate 64’s second go lane is scheduled to open in Chesapeake as early as Sunday evening.
After decades of work in the area, it’s good news for individuals.
Between Bowers Hill and the Document- 464 exchange is the innovative street in each path. The initiative to expand the High Rise Bridge includes the work.
There will be three roads in each way when it opens, which you can use toll-free for the following few weeks.
The innovative Hampton Roads express lanes Chesapeake segment, which connects the Bowers Hill exchange in Chestere to the I- 264 interchange between Norfolk, is made up of both the new les and the Virginia Department of Transportation’s current conversion of previously HOV- 2 restricted laneways between I-464 and I-264.
Origin: As crews test, place, and install the remaining white differentiator posts and add pavement markings, Virginia Department of Transportation drivers may observe lane closures during the day and at night.

Before March 17, ringing is not anticipated to start. Free express lanes with an E-ZPass or completely general objective lane are available to guitar drivers. With a required E- ZPass Flex sensor turned to HOV-On, vehicles with two or more people can use the communicate lanes for completely.
Additionally, as soon as the tolling for the Chesapeake express lanes starts, the current I-64 Norfolk removable communicate lines between I-464 and I-564 will switch to continuous, full-time high-occuption toling.
From Bowers Hill in Chesapeake to Denbigh Boulevard in Newport News, a constant 45-mile express lanes channel on I-64 will eventually include the express lines from the two cities.

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