As Wisconsin residents travel for the holidays, streets and skies are active.

MADISON (WKOW) – Both road and air travelers are preparing for what is anticipated to be one of the most congested days in history, as per AAA. The hurry is part of the yearly festive transit, as individuals return to their homes. AAA forecasts that the busiest day will be Saturday, with the most congested travel times anticipated between 103:00 a.m. and 7:00 in the evening. Experts suggest that to prevent getting caught in the rush, it’s best to start your journey early and allocate ample time to reach your destination. “As we approach a whole weekend leading up to the Christmas holiday on Monday, it’s likely that people will spread out their departures, with some possibly even leaving on Friday,” says Nick Jarmusz, Director of Public Affairs at AAA. This year, AAA predicts that around 2.1 million people in Wisconsin will be travelling for the holidays, which is an increase of 48,000 compared to the previous year. Furthermore, we anticipate over 100,000 people from Wisconsin to travel by air this weekend, making it a state record with an increase of 4,000 people from 2022. There’s also minor relief for those opting for road journeys, in the form of advantageous conditions at the petrol stations. Compared to the previous year, drivers should anticipate a reduction of at least 10 cents per gallon, as the average state price is estimated to be around $2.75 per gallon.