ASM Global partners with Voltus

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Voltus, Inc. (Voltus), the distributed energy resource platform and virtual power plant operator and ASM Global, the venue management company and producer of live event experiences, announced a partnership that pays ASM Global managed venues for energy reduction efforts across all venues located in wholesale and regulated power markets in the U.S.

With over 40 sites, ASM Global and its customers comprise the largest collection of certified green venues. Earlier this year, ASM Global Acts announced a plan—the most aggressive in the live entertainment industry—to convert its portfolio into the most sustainable venues in the world. This includes reducing energy consumption by 25% by 2030 from this year’s baseline and becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

“Consuming clean energy and becoming more efficient is an integral aspect of becoming carbon neutral,” said Doug Thornton, executive vice president, at ASM Global. “By participating in demand response programs with Voltus, we’re able to reduce energy use during times that are often associated with the highest emissions.”

“Participating in demand response with Voltus has been one of the easiest ways to reduce our Scope 2 carbon emissions,” said Ryan Buries, assistant general manager, at David L. Lawrence Convention Center, an ASM Global managed venue. “In addition, we’re able to instantly view avoided emissions to include in our overall sustainability reporting, along with viewing real-time energy consumption both during and outside of dispatches to improve overall energy efficiency efforts.”

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with ASM Global and its venue portfolio,” said Todd Krause, chief revenue officer at Voltus. “ASM Global’s managed venues are staples within cities and communities. Now, not only are they getting paid to reduce energy and emissions in those regions for financial, environmental, safety, and health benefits, but they’re also supporting the growth of renewable energy. Providing flexible resources to balance the supply variability associated with renewables helps remove barriers to growth of renewable generation. This partnership is a win on multiple fronts.”

Earlier this year, Voltus announced the launch of the first ever, real-time, site-level carbon emissions avoidance reporting as part of demand response participation.


The post ASM Global partners with Voltus appeared first on Brand TD.