Astove Atoll launches an “Astove Special” Package

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Astove Atoll, part of the remote Aldabra Group of Atolls, announces the Astove Special Package to celebrate the start of the new season and their newly revamped Coral House. The package offers a generous 30% discount, valid throughout 2024, and is applicable to all dive and leisure guests.

Part of the renowned experiential eco-tourism company Blue Safari Seychelles, Astove Atoll is located 1,055 km southwest of Mahé and features a rugged landscape with sand dunes rising against the horizon. The marine environment has had minimal human impact meaning it is a pristine paradise beckoning travellers to discover the rich biodiversity, particularly below the waves.

Astove Atoll is home to ‘The Wall’, a divers’ delight – a sheer drop made famous by Jacques Cousteau when it featured in his 1956 film ‘The Silent World’. This environmental phenomenon drops vertically from one – two metres to 70+ metres and boasts healthy coral, several species of macro life such as nudibranchs, anemonefish, and porcelain crabs, and deep water that increases the chance of seeing predatory species, such as hammerhead sharks, bull sharks, and large species of Grouper.

The 11 dive sites that surround Astove are all easily accessible by boat and have depths ranging from two metres to 30+ metres. It takes as little as two minutes to reach some dive sites, such as the Western Wall, whilst other sites are 30-45 minutes away (weather dependent).

Blue Safari Seychelles is committed to protecting the glorious environment and, consequently, the flora and fauna that consider Astove Atoll home do not feel threatened by the presence of humans. As a result, marine species that may be more wary of divers, feel more comfortable approaching them in a safe and inquisitive manner. Divers of any experience level can enjoy encountering Green and Hawksbill turtles, Dogtooth Tuna, Napoleon Wrasse, Giant Sweetlips, Large Grouper, schools of predatory fish, Barracudas, Wahoo, Sailfish, Bluefin Trevally, Indo-Pacific Permits, and more!

For diving enthusiasts, the Astove Dive Weeks are:

1st– 8th January 2024
29thJanuary – 5th February 2024
4th– 11th March 2024
11th– 18th March 2024
8th– 15th April 2024
15th– 22nd April 2024

Not only is the Aldabra Group a hub for extraordinary marine life, but it is also home to rare, endangered, or endemic species like the Menai White-eye and the famous Giant Tortoises. This region of the Indian Ocean has an exceptionally high biodiversity value due to historically low levels of human development and limited fishing pressures. This coupled with the protection from Astove Atoll’s new conservation centre has resulted in a thriving coral population, extensive environmental research, and continued protection of this one-of-a-kind environment.

Guests experiencing the incredible Astove Atoll will stay in the Astove Coral House. In preparation for the new season, a brand-new ‘lounging area’ and swimming pool has been built at Astove Coral House. Surrounding a central courtyard, this rustic property has six en-suite bedrooms each paying homage to the fascinating Seychellois heritage and architecture. Astove Coral House embraces the remoteness of the destination, creates a tranquil atmosphere, and with the new glistening pool, guests can completely destress and focus on reconnecting with nature.

The Astove Special Package does not include fly fishing. Diving must be prearranged. Three and four-night stays on Astove must be paired with a three or four-night stay on Cosmoledo Atoll due to transfers and logistics.







The post Astove Atoll launches an “Astove Special” Package appeared first on Travel Daily Media.