At Istanbul’s 27th EMITT Fair, Seychelles kindness is on display.

With its remain decorated with original artwork that embodied the essence of the beach, nature, and swimming scenery, Tourism Seychelles captured the attention of visitors during the good. Journey providers, agents, and customers from a number of nations, including Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, the Islands, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, as well as other CIS states, expressed fervent interest in the walk.
Mrs. Amia Jovanovic-Desire and Ms. Myra Fanchette, representatives for Tourism Seychelles, spoke with more than 170 foreign held buyers and direct consumers, showing a growing interest in the location. The main goal of Tourism Seychelles ‘ involvement was to increase place knowledge, presence, and driving up demand for traveling to the islands.
One notable finding was that some strong customers visiting the stand were unaware of the Seychelles. Tourism Seychelles responded by offering educational target videos and presentations to inform readers about the islands ‘ sights and offerings. Ideas for customer promotions aims to educate consumers and increase interest in visiting the Seychelles.
Tourism Seychelles had a priceless chance to connect with several media outlets and talk about potential future partnerships to raise destination visibility and coverage thanks to their participation in EMITT.
The need for ongoing training of tour operators on the idea of island hopping and enhancing awareness about successfully selling the Seychelles are two problems that have been identified.
As part of its advertising goals to boost traveler requirement to the Seychelles, Tourism Seyelles is still dedicated to offering continuing education to travel agents and tour operators.
Some customers expressed a desire for direct flights to their place, which facilitated discussions about flight supply. In order to satisfy customer preferences and improve availability to the Seychelles, tourism there understands the significance of addressing these issues.
Participation in the EMITT good has given Tourism Seychelles ‘ strategic approach to promoting the place invaluable insight into customer trends and demands. The Seychelles ‘ status as a top travel destination has been confirmed by the event, which has also created new alliances and options.
Tourism Seychelles are highlighted at Istanbul’s 27th EMITT Fair, according to eTurboNews.eTN
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