Awards for Travel Photographer of the Year: Lyrical surroundings

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The Romanian artist AndreJa Ravnak has won the general contest to be Travel Photographer of the Year 2023. Ravnak’s job illustrates climb growing in Slovenia, and rolling areas in Italy and the Czech Republic. AndreJa Ravnak / TPOTY. COMSouth Moravia, near Cejc, Czech RepublicAndreJa Ravnak / TPOTY. COMSouth Moravia, near Cejc, Bohemian Republic” There is a refined elegance about this year’s winners. This comes through in both of AndreJa’s winning portfolios, one takes us into plain landscapes, with delicate colours and a sensory charm, the other into the climb fields, out of season and undressed, prepared for the next planting”, says opposition leader Chris Coe. ” Neither are apparent content, neither photographed at an optimum time of year, and yet they are both interesting and more beautiful”.Category winnersCaden Shepard Choi / TPOTY. COMChinle, Arizona, USACaden Shepard Choi, 14, from the United States, received the title of Young Travel Photographer of the Year 2023. Her black and white pictures report how the Navajo individuals of Chinle, Arizona, produce yarn and use it in weaving. Caden Shepard Choi / TPOTY. COMChinle, Arizona, USAHere are some of the other group winners in this year’s TPOTY contest. Young Travel Photographer of the Year: Winner, 15- 18 times- Lilly Zhang, 17, USA Lilly Zhang / TPOTY. COMExton, Pennsylvania, USALilly Zhang finds pleasure in preserving wonderful times as a hobby artist. Growing up, she was introduced to images by her father, after developing her personal passion for the artform. Zhang produced a successful series of gentle scenery shot in Marsh Creek State Park in Pennsylvania, USA. Young Travel Photographer of the Year: Winner, 14 ages &amp, under- Zayan Durrani, 14, USAZayan Durrani / TPOTY. COMLitli- Hrutur crater, IcelandZayan Durrani’s photos show the erupting Litli- Hrutur mountain in Iceland. ” My dad and I took a trip to Iceland to attend an ongoing volcanic eruption. We hiked for 10 kilometers through rough, rocky hills and plains, not stopping to sleep, just so that we may approach the volcano before it became dark”, says Durrani. ” We were in a race against time because a heavy, nasty cloud was rolling in and we were told that we would have to evacuate the area. I finally got up close to the blazing volcano”. I was able to get this photo using a helicopter. ” Portfolio Winner: Landscape &amp, Environment- Armand Sarlangue, FranceArmand Sarlangue / TPOTY. COMSkaftafellsjokull ice, IcelandSarlangue’s collection records the ambient glacier surroundings of the Icelandic mountains. This 360 education landscape was captured with a helicopter. It shows the complete path of glacial waterways, from the Skaftafellsjokull mountain, to the glacier river, to the glacier river, then to the lake in the background. Portfolio Winner: Nature, Wildlife &amp, Conservation- Martin Broen, USAMartin Broen / TPOTY. COMBaja California, MexicoMartin Broen’s spectacular black and white function shows the designs created by the Mobula star movement in Baja California, Mexico. He is a professional diving and cave explorer, enthusiastic about taking and sharing the beauty of this planet. Actually from Argentina and today based in New York, Broen works in Design and Innovation, allowing him to combine his daily work on conservation with his passion for nature and underwater pictures. Martin Broen / TPOTY. COMAnilao, PhilippinesBroen even won the award for Best Single Image in this group for a lively image showing how a discarded glass bottle in the ocean has become a haven for a little, glossy, bright Gobby fish. Portfolio Winner: Citizens &amp, Cultures- Athanasios Maloukos, GreeceAthanasios Maloukos / TPOTY. COMLake Baikal, SiberiaGreek artist Athanasios Maloukos’s collection of mystics performing rites on Siberia’s frozen Lake Baikal was the magistrates ‘ option in the People and Cultures group. Portfolio Winner: Physical Tales- Alain Schroeder, BelgiumAlain Schroeder / TPOTY. COMManhattan, New York, USAAlain Schroeder’s set focuses on sports in their 80s and 90s taking part in the USAFT Masters Indoor Athletics Championships. Dixon Hemphill, 97, of Potomac Valley Track Club, crosses the finish line in the Men 95- 99, 200m dash, accompanied by a younger woman for safety “.A great series of images that captures an alternate view of age in the 21st century,” says opposition judge, Angie Nicholson” .Working in black and white helps us to concentrate on the account while also seeing- but not being distracted by- the environment. ” Best Single Image, People and Cultures Portfolio” by UKJack Lawson/TPOTY. For his photograph of members of the Nigerian National Amputee Football Team, also known as the Special Eagles, practicing on a shore in Lagos, Jack Lawson of COMLagos won the Best Single Image prize. Best Single Image, Landscape, and Environment: TPOTY, Japan, Kazuaki Koseki. According to Kazuaki Koseki, the water in Lake Shirakawa, Thoku, Japan,” changes color between mild blue and light green, and fog, combined with the reflections that look like a covered forest,” creates an amazing environment.” For some time from the end of winter to the beginning of summer,” the lake is filled with water from melting snow. The best one picture in a portfolio is” F Dilek Yurdakul,”” Turkish Tipy,” and” I set the shutter speed to 30 seconds to smooth the water surface and remove the reality and highlight the excellent sight.” COMChitral, Pakistan” The Kalash live within the territories of Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan, yet their schools are also co-educated,” according to F Dilek Yurdakul, whose painting of a young girl from the Kalash region was created in Chitral. The three MPB One Shot categories asked photographers to capture each group style in a single image. Ignacio Palacios, Australia, Spain, TPOTY, and MPB One Shot Winner: A Quieter Life. COMA calm picture of a hapless traveler strolling along the pale sand dunes in La Puna, Argentina. Josien van Geffen, from the Netherlands, is the winner of the MPB One Shot: Over, Eye Level, Under. COMA An strange look at Reutte, Austria’s Highline 197 suspension bridge. MPB One Shot Winner: Andrea Peruzzi, Italy, Andrea Perzzi / TPOTY, Luxury &amp, Adventure. In old Petra, Jordan, COMANDrea Peruzzi’s wizard captures the scene of a Bedouin leaping over small valley between rocks. Rohan Neel Shah, a Kenyan, won the People’s Choice award. The win in one group was not selected by the courts. TPOTY / Rohan Neel Shah. This year’s prize went to 15-year-old Rohan Neel Shah and depicts a lone gazelle in the middle of the Great Migration in Maasai Mara, Kenya. It was chosen by the general public on the TPOTY site. More than 20,000 images were submitted for TPOTY 2023 by amateur and professional videographers from more than 150 different nations. The winning photos will be on screen from March 16 to 19, at The Photography &amp, Video Show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, and at Xposure in the United Arab Emirates. Will 2024 get the best time to see Northern Lights? All images covered by copyrightPhotographyRelatedThe best travel photos from around the world Photos of the county of Dorset in WalesDorset’s Big Picture