Ayo Edebiri abides by the laws of time journey.


Ayo Edebiri abides by the laws of time vacation.

Hannah Getahun

2024- 02 28T03: 38: 19Z

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At the Los Angeles, California, Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall, Ayo Edebiri poses for the 30th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

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If Ayo Edebiri were traveling through time, she would n’t speak to herself. According to Emebiri, it’s due to the contradictions of day travel. She specifically made a reference to the metaphysical dilemma that Christopher Nolan makes in” Tenet.”

Ayo Edebiri, an award-winning comedian, has revealed that she is an expert on time travel. The SAG medal success and author spoke with Access Hollywood about what she would do if given the chance to travel through space and time. What advice do you give to a younger person? The actress, who was draped in a Luar embroidered robes on the red carpet, was asked by Access Hollywood to dress her. Do you believe you would be these? ” Picture I said well,” you ask? The professional responded,” The Bear.”

Therefore Edebiri explained that she would never go on a souped-up, time-traveling DeLorean anytime soon and would tell her younger self anything but the brass tacks of day vacation. According to Edebiri,” I would, evidently, say nothing to her just because the laws of time travel apply.” ” I’ve not been stopped by myself in the future. And so, I do n’t think I would make the decision if that ever happened to me.” Emebiri cited a well-known paradox of time travel in Christopher Nolan’s film” Tenet,” which explains that while alterations to the past can be made, they were predestined to occur. The metaphysical or plugin paradox is also associated with this. There are a number of alternative ways to encounter your former home that could have unexpected effects. Some claim that a meeting between you and your former self wo n’t take place because it makes sense. If you meet your former self and alter how you see things, the former version of you ceases to exist.

Other ideas include those that suggest that altering the past might lead to an alternative world, such as” Avengers: Endgame.” Even though Edebiri wo n’t be traveling to her former self, that does n’t mean the rest of us ca n’t get to meet the famous person before fame (you know, if time travel does turn out to be real ). I would like to attend thepast Edebiri of 2012, who was YouTubers of sexist Coldplay covers.

Exercises for Edebiri did not respond to a Business Insider request for comment right away.