Ballet for London Heathrow Passengers Throughout Holiday Season

Heathrow commenced the Christmas festivities with a specially arranged ballet performance presented to the arriving passengers this morning. The performance featured six highly skilled dancers from renowned ballet companies in the UK.

The airport dance was specifically designed to provide passengers with a magical beginning to their Christmas vacation and to commemorate the heartwarming reunions between loved ones that occur daily at Heathrow during the holiday season.

Choreographer Ruth Brill crafted a dance called The Reunion, comprising precisely 239 movements, symbolizing the multitude of destinations accessible from Heathrow. The performance is scheduled to occur on multiple occasions throughout the month.

During the holiday season, Heathrow experiences an increase in performances. Last year, approximately 64,000 individuals celebrated Christmas Day in the Departures lounge. To aid the 6.5 million passengers anticipated to travel through the four terminals this month for their festive gatherings, over 450 Here to Help colleagues will be available for assistance.

At the beginning of the ballet, the terminal floor is graced by ballerinas bourrée-ing with elegance, showcasing stunning arabesques that gradually transform into soaring lifts. As the choreography reaches its conclusion, the dancers reunite in a heartfelt embrace.

Several dates in December will offer passengers traveling through and picking up loved ones from Heathrow the opportunity to witness the dance. The last show is scheduled for Friday, December 22, which is anticipated to be one of the busiest days at Heathrow during the month of December.

Ruth Brill, the choreographer responsible for the dance, holds the position of Choreographer and Artistic Director at the London Children’s Ballet. Additionally, she has crafted works for esteemed institutions such as the English National Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, and even the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup.

Six dancers were chosen to perform the emotive piece. They include Sander Blommaert, former First Artist of The Royal Ballet, Shyvelle Dynot, who danced with the English National Ballet for 15 years, and Eloise Shepherd-Taylor, whose accolades include a dance role on Netflix’s Bridgerton.

The dance, which took six weeks to prepare, choreograph, and rehearse, intends to capture the immense emotions and happiness experienced by travelers when they finally arrive and reunite with loved ones during the festive period.

Heathrow Airport is embracing the holiday spirit with various activities. Aside from unexpected ballet shows, travelers can enjoy performances by local choirs and special appearances by Santa Claus, his elves, and a polar bear from the North Pole. To capture the festive experience, passengers have the option to have their portraits drawn by the airport’s resident caricaturist or use Polaroid cameras available in the terminals. Families will receive complimentary arts and crafts activities, chocolates, and access to Heathrow’s gift-wrapping service, which will be operating throughout December.

The most popular Christmas routes this year are New York, Dubai, Doha, Delhi and Mumbai.

The Reunion will be performed in Heathrow’s Terminal 5 Arrivals at 8am on Tuesday 5th December, and at 2pm on Tuesday 12th and Friday 22nd December.

SOURCE: Ballet for London Heathrow Passengers Throughout Holiday Season