Bangabandhu Tunnel: Tour Buses Boost Tourism Potential in Bangladesh

Yesterday, a trial run of the Focus Point took place, navigating through the Bangabandhu Tunnel in Bangladesh. This trial aimed to explore the tourism opportunities associated with South Asia’s first inaugural underwater tunnel beneath the Karnaphuli River.

Next week, commercial operations for the Focus Point service will begin, offering two buses with modern amenities exclusively on Fridays and Saturdays.

The recently inaugurated Bangabandhu Tunnel, opened on October 28, has generated significant interest, drawing daily visitors from different parts of the country.

Excited sightseers eagerly anticipate the distinctive journey through the Bangabandhu Tunnel commencing after Patenga Beach and river crossing, concluding at Parki Beach in Anwara.

The Parki Beach region is experiencing a surge in development, with the construction of new restaurants, resorts, and parks strategically positioned to capitalize on the tourism potential spurred by the tunnel.

Despite the limited access to the tunnel through a restricted number of passenger buses, Focus Point emerges as a solution to this constraint. It offers an opportunity for everyone to experience the tunnel firsthand and enjoy the amenities designed around this remarkable infrastructure.

The tour service, led by Focus Point owner Ashraful Islam, operates under the slogan “Bangladesh will see Chattogram.” Ashraful expressed the goal of boosting Chittagong’s tourism appeal for Bangladeshis by providing a seamless and enjoyable exploration of attractions through their unique bus journey.

SOURCE: Bangabandhu Tunnel: Tour Buses Boost Tourism Potential in Bangladesh