Bangkok Enforces New Nightlife Rules

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration in Thailand is implementing stricter safety measures for nightspots to ensure compliance with the law.

This initiative is in preparation for the government’s intention to extend the opening hours of these establishments to 4 a.m.

Teerayut Poomipak, the director of the BMA’s Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, announced that efforts are underway to enhance inspections of safety and fire prevention systems at pubs and bars. Collaboration is taking place with the Public Works Department and district offices to ensure increased scrutiny in this regard.

Business operators in Bangkok not adhering to building safety and fire prevention laws will be subject to legal action, according to Teerayut Poomipak. The BMA is also providing assistance, including training, to non-compliant businesses.

Additionally, the BMA’s Health Department is collaborating with the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Disease Control to monitor compliance with the 2008 Alcoholic Beverages Control Act.

The 2008 Alcoholic Beverages Control Act strictly prohibits the sale of alcohol to individuals under 20 years old, those already heavily intoxicated, and the sale of alcohol outside designated hours.

Thaiphat Tanasombatkul, the director of the BMA’s Traffic and Transport Department, reported that City Hall has installed 63,900 security cameras throughout the city.

The Bangkok MA plans to collaborate with the Royal Thai Police to install additional security cameras with AI technology at locations prone to accidents, especially in areas where extended opening hours will be implemented.

SOURCE: Bangkok Enforces New Nightlife Rules